Best puppy collars

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Collars are a must for dogs and puppies – but because they’re typically worn by your four-legged friend every day, picking the right one is a big decision. There are many types of puppy collars out there to choose from, in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Below are our top picks to help you pick the right collar for your pup.

Top pick

Set of puppy collars

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Blueberry Pet Essentials Personalized Dog Collar

The perfect collar to make your new dog feel special

This collar will give your puppy the chance to stand out at the dog park. Pick from a variety of colors, and what you want to be embroidered on the collar. For example, your dog's name and your phone number - especially helpful if your young pup thinks of themselves as an escape artist.

Best puppy harness

Puppy harness

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PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

A safe and secure harness for stress-free puppy walks

For excitable pups, this no-pull design is the perfect collar alternative. Made with breathable, lightweight material for a comfortable fit, this harness stops them from pulling and accidentally choking themselves when out for a walk. This harness has a D-ring leash attachment, for super safe walkies.

Best reflective puppy collar

Puppy collar

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Joytale Reflective Dog Collar

A trusty puppy collar with reflective stripes

This collar comes with reflective threads and a loop to clip the lead, to ensure your puppy doesn’t stray too far away in the dark, and if they do, you can find them. It’s made of nylon, with padded neoprene rubber material for a durable collar. The only decision left to make is which of the seven colors and four sizes you will pick.

Best matching collar/lead

Puppy collar

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Little Rascals Puppy Collar & Leash Set

If you want your puppy to go for walks in style, look no further

For a coordinated combination, look no further than the Little Rascals puppy collar, which can be purchased alongside a matching leash. This easily adjustable, lightweight collar gives room for your puppy to grow, and it is available in four colors. Measuring 22.5 - 36cm, a clip lets you fasten the lead easily for no-fuss walks.

Best for sensitive skin

Puppy collar

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YUDOTE Soft and Lightweight Collar

Let your puppy explore the world unencumbered with this lightweight collar

With a soft and lightweight twilled webbing, without hard, irritable stitching, this collar is a comfortable choice for pups with sensitive skin. The soft edges mean there’s no rubbing against your pooch’s neck. It’s machine washable so you can keep it extra soft and clean. It has an adjustable clip and quick-release buckle, too.

Best puppy collar

Puppy collar

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Red Dingo puppy collar

A trustworthy, no-fuss collar to keep your puppy safe and secure

This strength- and safety-tested puppy collar features a buckle bone fastening for drama-free fastening and unfastening. It’s made from durable nylon and so is easy to clean, is abrasion resistant and it's easy to adjust to fit your pup just right. Finished with an all-over star print this is an attractive collar that will help your puppy to stand out from the crowd.

How to choose the best puppy collar

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It’s no small decision choosing a collar for your new furry household addition – your puppy will be wearing its collar all day long. It needs to be comfortable, and it needs to be trustworthy. Our top pick is the Blueberry Pet Essentials Personalized Dog Collar which is both of those, also lets you treat your pup to its own unique collar by choosing from a variety of colors and your own choice of words embroidered upon it.

For puppies who are a little less confident outdoors, you might want to opt for the Joytale reflective dog collar or the Funkteen Pet House harness vest. Whichever collar is best suited for your puppy, it’s worth taking the time to pick the one most suited for their needs.


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