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Best toys for parrots: Six options for keeping your feathered friend entertained

toys for parrots
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You might be wondering what toys for parrots are available to keep your bird entertained. Just like their wild counterparts, domesticated birds still need entertainment and stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. When they spend most of their time in a cage, having some toys to play and engage with will ensure they’re living a fulfilling life.

Depending on your parrot’s character and disposition, there is a range of toys that might be suitable. From bright and colourful toys and ones that make sounds to chew toys and climbing apparatus, the best toys for parrots will suit their needs and personality.

Our list of the best parrot toys has everything for both active birds and the more relaxed birds. Check out our selection of favorites below.

PetsRadar's pick of the best toys for parrots

  • Best overall parrot toy: CAMITER 7 Piece Parrot Toy Set  
  • Best budget parrot toy: Trixie Natural Living Perch
  • Best chew toy for parrots: Shred it! Shredding Toy for Parrots
  • Best multi-functional parrot toy: Hanging Bird Bath
  • Best parrot toy for smaller cages: Superbird Activity Wall
  • Best parrot toy for mental and physical stimulation: Jingle Ball Parrot Toy

toys for parrots

(Image credit: Camiter)

CAMITER 7 Piece Parrot Toy Set

Best overall parrot toy

Type of toy: Chewing, hanging | Material: Wood, metal | Helps with: Stress-relief, mental stimulation | No. of pieces: 7

Great value for money
Super colorful
Non-toxic/environmentally friendly 
The bell toy can be unsafe
Too much for a small cage

This is a great-value set including some of the best parrot toys on offer. You really do get a lot for your money with 7 toys in total, including rotational wooden beads, a parrot swing, cotton rope, wooden pendant, copper bells and more. Your parrot will be mesmerized by the beautiful colors of this set and it will keep them entertained for hours. These toys are great for birds to relax and provide mental stimulation while carrying out their natural behaviours such as chewing and pecking. 

These parrot toys are made from non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials so they are safe for your parrot, however, some buyers have noted that the small bells may not be suitable for smaller birds as they can easily chew this item and swallow the small ball. 

All the toys have metal hooks, which make it easy to clip them on to any cage, and they will brighten up their living space.

toys for parrots

(Image credit: Trixie)

Trixie Natural Living Perch

Best budget parrot toy

Type of toy: Perch | Material: Natural wood | Helps with: Claws | No. of pieces: 1

Better for claws than plastic
Rope to hang from
Effective yet affordable
Not overly stimulating 
Fixing is tricky

If you’re looking to make your parrot feel more at home, then this natural wood perch is ideal for their cage. The branch mimics that of a tree branch in the wild, providing a place for your bird to perch and peck. The natural wood is much better for your parrot’s claws than a plastic perch, so you’ll find them much more relaxed and comfortable with this parrot toy. 

The perch is sturdy and also has some hanging ropes which provide some mental and physical stimulation for your parrot to swing and chew.  At 25cm in length and 25mm in diameter, it fastens onto your birdcage with a hook and a clip, however, depending on the size of your cage this could be trickier to attach than some, with buyers saying it can wear quite easily over time. For under £2, this is a great budget parrot toy that provides comfort and stimulation in any parrot cage. 

toys for parrots

(Image credit: Happy Pet)

Shred it! Shredding Toy for Parrots

Best chew toy for parrots

Type of toy: Chew toy | Material: Plastic, paper | Helps with: Boredom | No. of pieces: 1

Refillable roll
Hours of fun
Takes a while to get the hang of
Makes a mess

For those who have particularly mischievous birds, this Shred it! Roll is heaps of fun. Rather than let your bird destroy your home, this small paper roll allows them to peck and pull at this paper, shredding it up in the comfort of their cage without making a mess in your living room.

The plastic roll holder simply clips onto the cage and a thick roll of paper is placed inside, the bird can then pull this paper out from the opening at the bottom, and then the fun begins! Some buyers said this parrot toy can be a little tricky to get the hang of to start with, but once your parrot knows what they’re doing (and that they won’t get in trouble for shredding), they can play all day and beat their boredom with this simple yet fun toy. 

The roll is refillable and you can buy separate paper rolls, which are very cheap. The plastic holder has several holes to help your parrot grip onto it and retrieve the paper, and while you will have to clean out the shredded paper from their cage, at least it’s not toilet paper all over your house!

toys for parrots

(Image credit: Bird Bath)

Hanging Bird Bath

Best multi-functional parrot toy

Type of toy: Bath | Material: Plastic | Helps with: Washing | No. of pieces: 1

Keeps birds cool
Doubles as a bird bowl
Has a mirror for entertainment
Could make a mess
Will need cleaning
Quite small

Give your parrot a space to relax and cool down with this hanging birdbath. It simply clips onto the side of the cage and you can fill it with water for them to bathe or play. This bath is made from durable non-toxic plastic which is safe for your bird and it practically fits in any birdcage. You can then unclip it easily to remove and clean. 

The bath comes with a small mirror, which can be fun and mentally stimulating for birds to see their reflection, especially if they live alone. Allowing your parrot to bathe is good for their health and hygiene as it clears their feathers of dust and ensures no pests or parasites get stuck to them. Bathing also moisturizes their skin and keeps them cool which is important during the summer months. 

When you’re not bathing your parrot you can also use this as a bird bowl to put food or water for them to drink. It is easily accessible, but it may be a little flimsy for bigger birds.

toys for parrots

(Image credit: Superbird)

Superbird Activity Wall

Best parrot toy for smaller cages

Type of toy: Climbing, chewing | Material: Cotton, wood, vine, cardboard | Helps with: Mental stimulation | No. of pieces: 1

Multiple activities
Super colorful
Different textures
Quite pricey

This parrot activity wall is perfect for keeping a cage neat and tidy while still giving your bird plenty of entertainment. Simply clip this on to the wall or the roof of the cage and your parrots can chew, peck, climb and swing- all of the natural behaviours parrots have. 

While this parrot toy may seem expensive, this is one of the best parrot toys 2020 has to offer due to it offering several activities in one. This is worth a few smaller toys, but this activity wall is made of high-quality materials and is designed to last, even with your birds chewing at it. 

The different colors and textures provide great mental stimulation to parrots, and all of the materials are non-toxic and bird safe, so you can have peace of mind that your birds are looked after. 

If you’re not looking to clutter up the cage with lots of toys, then this is the best parrot toy for you.

toys for parrots

(Image credit: jingle ball)

Jingle Ball Parrot Toy

Best parrot toy for mental and physical stimulation

Type of toy: Ball | Material: Plastic | Helps with: Mental and physical stimulation | No. of pieces: 1

Can put treats inside
Easy to grasp
Jingling will annoy you 

Your parrot could have hours of fun with this jingle ball that is easy to pick up, roll and chew. It features a jingling bell inside which provides good mental stimulation for your bird, however, this could annoy you after more than 10 minutes (but is a good toy for them to play with while you’re out of the house!)

The plastic ball is around 3 inches, making it the ideal size for medium birds to play with. Some buyers noted that their birds were quite keen on destroying it (making it a pricey toy for such a short lifespan), however, when they stuffed treats or shredded paper inside, it became even more fun for them to play with. 

This ball could be used on its own either inside or outside of the cage for parrots to chase, or you could attach it to some string and hang it up as a swinging toy for them. If you get fed up of the jingling ball, the two sides screw apart so you can remove it and always replace it with something else, or leave it hollow.

How to choose the best toys for parrots

There are so many different parrot toys on the market today, but every bird is unique so make sure you think about your parrot’s unique and individual behaviours before buying them a toy. 

If your parrot gets quite restless, then getting them a toy that is going to keep them mentally and physically stimulated will wear them out so they get some rest at the end of the day. Swinging toys and balls are good for this. Colorful toys tend to be more appealing to parrots too, as they are familiar to them, and these can be comforting especially if they are the only bird in the house. Birds with a calmer demeanour may enjoy toys that help them relax such as the perch, the bath or the swing

Education and mental capacity is also important for parrots, and some of the best parrot toys provide a challenge for birds to figure out how they work, like the Shred it! Toy. In having to work things out for themselves, this indulges their curiosity and keeps them creative. 

Make sure you consider the space you have available and the size of your pet. Some toys might take up too much room, which is why toys such as the Activity Wall are great to keep the cage spacious.