32 top US cities to have a cat

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The top US cities to have a cat are well worth considering if you're looking to move from your current location to somewhere a little more feline-friendly.

Alongside having plenty of great pet stores stocking the best interactive cat toys, treats, food, and accessories, you'll find the cities on this list rank highly when it comes to quality vet care and the number of rental properties that will be all too happy to let you and your kitty set up home.

While any city has the potential to serve as a wonderful forever home, these locations don't just score highly on cat services and amenities, a high percentage of their residents also tend to be pet owners, meaning you're more likely to make friends with other cat lovers.

So, without further ado, let's press paws on our daily lives for a minute and live in the meow as we explore the top US cities to have a cat — oh, and spoiler alert: this list contains more than a few surprises! 

1. Orlando, Florida

A colorful sunset over Lake Eola and Orlando, Florida with reflections captured off the lake

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Orlando frequently tops the list for being the best US city to live in if you have a cat. And no, it’s not because our feline friends love visiting Disney World so much (although we’re not going to lie — seeing them riding in an open-top vehicle taking in some of their big cat brothers and sisters on the famous Kilimanjaro Safari would be pretty darn cute!) The reason Orlando ranks so highly is because of the number of cat sitters and boarding options it has, making it a great location if you’re looking for a trustworthy human to look after your fur friend when you’re away.

2. Alexandria, Virginia

Rows of townhouses in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

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Known for its brick sidewalks and 18th and 19th-century buildings, Alexandria is popular with cat lovers and has a reputation for being incredibly pet-friendly. Named a Better City for Pets in 2022, the city has ample cat-friendly housing, good vet clinics, and an excellent animal shelter. And if your cat needs a break from their busy lifestyle, they also recently opened the Happy Cat Hotel and Spa with luxury hotel rooms for your feline friend, as well as enrichment activities throughout the day using a range of fun cat toys, and even room service! 

3. Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA Downtown Skyline Aerial

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With 15 cat-friendly vets and a whopping 70 feline-loving boarding facilities, Knoxville takes their love of cats very, very seriously indeed. They also have a range of rescue centers that deal specifically with cats, and they even have not one but five cat cafes, so there are plenty of spaces in the city where you can get your coffee and feline fix! 

4. Tucson, Arizona

Colourful western-style facade in Tucson, Arizona

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According to research carried out by Forbes, Tucson is definitely a place you want to consider living if you have a cat. They have the third highest concentration of vet offices in the country, plus cat owners in Tucson pay the 10th lowest amount for cat and kitten vaccinations, spay and neuter surgeries, vet check-ups, and dental cleaning — and investing in the best pet insurance can help bring those costs down even further. The city is also home to the 16th largest concentration of pet stores, so there are plenty of options when it comes to stocking up on all those cat essentials. 

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

City skyline at night with Bellagio Hotel water fountains, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Sin City might not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of cat-friendly cities, after all, a cat’s paws don’t quite have the dexterity needed to play the slots. But believe it or not, Las Vegas ranks very highly. That’s largely due to the more than 260 boarding options it offers, not to mention the 550+ Rover-registered professionals who will be only too happy to step up and catsit for you when you’re away. It also has five cat cafes, so if you need a cuddle with a friendly feline, these are well worth checking out. 

6. Tallahassee, Florida

Swamp at Tallahassee, Florida

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As far as we’re concerned, cats and coffee go paw-in-paw, so if you can think of nothing better than having a warm and cuddly feline curled up at your feet while you sip your steaming hot cup of Joe, then look no further than sunny Tallahassee. 

The city is home to the famous Fat Cat Cafe (don’t worry though, there are cats of all shapes and sizes to choose from!) and have so far managed to find more than 1,300 felines their new forever home. Plus, they also run a cat bookstore and the best bit? They take cats to the homes of senior citizens who can’t make it to the cafe for a cuddle. Talk about heart melting! 

7. St Louis, Missouri

Forest Park, St Louis, Missouri

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When it comes to the best US cities to have a cat, St Louis frequently ranks in the top 10. It has an abundance of affordable cat-friendly rentals to choose from, a high number of animal shelters and vet clinics, several cat cafes and plenty of keen cat sitters who are ready to drop in and take care of your feline friend whenever you’re out of town. 

8. Santa Rosa, California

Pepperwood Preserve, Santa Rosa, California

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If living amongst the vineyards with a faithful fur friend appeals to you, then you’ll be pleased to learn that wine-loving Santa Rosa is one of the best places to head to if you’re looking to adopt a cat. They have one of the most successful feline adoption programs in the country and a ton of boarding options, plus they score highly when it comes to cat sitters too. 

9. Richmond, Virginia

An aerial view above beautiful Fall foliage on Monument Avenue and the skyline of Richmond Virginia in the distance

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Who let the cats out? We don’t quite know, but they’re everywhere in Richmond so we figure the locals clearly know a thing or two about our biscuit-making friends. Access to animal shelters, the number of vet clinics and cat sitters, and the amount of cat-friendly, affordable housing are just some of the factors that make this feline-loving city so appealing. 

10. Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, Massachusetts

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A historical coastal city with a fascinating history, we have to say we got ourselves into a right old excited fur-enzy when we found out just what a cat-loving place Salem is. 

Many of their hotels and inns will be all too happy to accommodate you and your feline friend and well-behaved cats (and dogs) are also allowed to join their humans on many of the cities walking tours. There are also some stunning green spaces, so if hiking with cats is something that appeals to you, you’ll definitely be able to get your daily steps in here! Plus, there are plenty of cat-friendly long-term rentals on offer and lots of vet clinics in the area. 

11. Escondido, California

Creek in Escondido, California, flowing under overhanging trees

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Settled in a long valley in the coastal mountains of Southern California, Escondido is a brilliant place to live if you have a cat. On top of all that sunshine, the city ranks highly across the board for everything from the number of vet clinics and cat rescue centers to pet-friendly housing and cat cafes. 

12. Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City

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As well as being home to two cat-friendly hotels for out-of-towners visiting the city, Kansas City has the eighth-highest percentage of cat-friendly apartments in the country. The city also has several attractions that will allow cats on at least part of the premises. 

The Nelson Atkins Art Museum is more than happy for locals to walk their adventurous felines on their grounds (and given that it’s packed to the brim with sculptures, you and your kitty companion will certainly get some great selfies!) and the 75-acre Loose Park is another great spot for exercising your cat. Plus, Kansas City also ranks third in the country for cat veterinary costs with lower fees on checkups, vaccinations, and dental cleaning. 

13. Scottsdale, Arizona

Desert in Scottsdale, Arizona

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If you and your feline friend would love the opportunity to live in a desertscape of hills, rock formations, and cacti, sunny Scottsdale really is the cat’s meow. When it comes to cat supply stores, vet clinics, animal shelters, and all-round feline-friendliness amongst the residents that call this city home, Scottsdale consistently ranks amongst the best cities in the US to have a cat. Plus the best cat breeds for hot climates will adore the Arizona summers which are ideal for lounging lazily on the porch or courtyard and soaking up some rays. 

14. Atlanta, Georgia

Sunset in Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia

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Thinking of moving to Catlanta? Well, if you are, you’ll have no problem finding you and your feline friend a place to call home. With the highest number of cat-friendly rental properties in the country, Atlanta is incredibly fond of felines, and that’s not the only thing it has going for it. It’s also home to the Cotton States Cat Club, which puts on an annual show, and the adorable Furkids Rescue Shelter and Sanctuary, where children can visit and read to any one of their many feline residents. 

15. Fort Collins, Colorado

The corner of Walnut Street and Linden Street in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado

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Drive just a short distance north of Denver and you’ll find the historic city of Fort Collins which is packed full of chilled vibes and authentic Western charm. It’s also home to Wagz Pet Market & Grooming, a shop filled to the brim with the best dry cat food, treats, toys, and accessories, plus, they offer a full-service grooming salon where your feline friend can be bathed and brushed, have their nails clipped and even their ears cleaned! Oh, and if your cat loves to hike, well there’s no better place to hit the trails than this delightful mountain city. 

16. Tampa, Florida

Clearwater Beach, Tampa, Florida

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Home to the popular Cats & Caffeine Cafe, where you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a cuddle with a rescue kitty at the same time, Tampa is well known for being super feline-friendly. In fact, so much so, that the St. Clement’s Episcopal Church even offers cat-friendly Sundays on the third Sunday of every month where you can bring your kitty along and let them receive treats and a blessing! 

17. Dayton, Ohio

Dayton, Ohio

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If you live in Dayton, then you don’t need us to tell you just how committed this city is to its cat population. Gem City Kitties is a nonprofit organization that works alongside the Gem City Cat cafe and together the two connect adoptable rescue cats with forever families as well as running classes and workshops to educate the community.

In 2021, they also opened Gem City Vets, a low-cost clinic for low-income families which helps to ensure that everyone can own a happy and healthy cat no matter their financial status.

18. Savannah, Georgia

Spanish Moss growing on a street in Savannah, Georgia

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A coastal Georgia city known for its manicured lawns, antebellum architecture, and cobblestone squares, Savannah is bursting at the seams with breathtaking beauty. Alongside having plenty of cat-friendly rental accommodations, the city is also home to the Skidaway Island Skate Park where adventurous felines have been known to trot happily alongside their humans on the various trails. 

Plus, if you’ve just moved to the city (or fancy getting reacquainted with it), Old Savannah Tours will let you bring your cat along on their trolley tour, and Adventure Tours in Motion will attach a basket to the front of your e-bike so your cat can ride along with you. 

19. Tacoma, Washington

The famous Mount Rainier looms over Tacoma, WA at sunset

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A beautiful city that sits on the banks of Puget Sound just south of Seattle, Tacoma is a fantastic place to live with a cat — especially if you and your feline friend are both the active, outdoorsy types. There are a ton of stunning hiking trails on the outskirts of the city, and Tacoma itself is home to Grit City Kitty, a fantastic cat boarding and cat sitting service that allows you to breathe easy knowing that someone can be there for your pet when you can't be. 

20. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Florida as a state ranks amongst the best for those with cats, so it's no surprise that Fort Lauderdale is often cited as being a great city for cat lovers. They have the fifth highest concentrations of cat sitters in the country and are second when it comes to boarding options making it a brilliant place to base yourself if you often travel for work and need someone reliable to care for your kitty. 

There are also plenty of parks and beaches in the area that will quite happily accept your feline friend as long as they're kept on a leash. So knowing how to leash train a cat will be super handy here.

21. Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama

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A study conducted in 2021 by PetListed had Birmingham placed in the number one spot in the country for the best US city to own a cat. While a few years may have passed since then, they continue to rank extremely high across every important category, including the amount of cat-friendly housing available (81% of properties in the city will accept cats), the number of AAFP-certified cat veterinary practices, the abundance of local animal shelters and welfare groups, and the number of pet stores selling cat products. 

22. Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

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The Lone Star state got a very special award in 2023 when leading real estate marketplace company, Zillow, named Austin as the most pet-friendly city in the country for renters. 

A very cool 80% of properties in the city will allow you and your feline friend to move in. And that's not all Austin has going for it, it's also home to an impressive six cat cafes and 247 veterinary service locations, so you're guaranteed that you and your kitty's health and well-being will stay in tip-top shape. 

23. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Pittsburgh is the cat's meow when it comes to feline-friendly cities to call home. There is no shortage of rental properties that will accept you and your cat, plus you'll find a wide selection of cat cafes that will let you get your coffee and kitty fix during the day.

The Cattfeinated Cafe is well worth a visit — not only are there plenty of adorable adoptable cats to pet, but they also have a cat boutique where you can purchase merchandise for your kitty and a thrift shop with profits benefiting the local animal rescue. 

24. Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida

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Get your sunglasses and sunblock at the ready because we're off to Miami! Yes, one of the world's most popular holiday destinations is also one of the best places to raise a cat. This city truly is a kitty cat wonderland, ranking highly across every category including cat-friendly properties, number of cat adoptions, number of pet stores that stock cat products, number of vets, and number of cat cafes. Plus there's an abundance of professional pet sitters and boarding options. So if your kitty loves feeling the sand between their toe beans, Miami is a city well worth considering. 

25. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Maple Grove, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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A vibrant and cat-friendly city known for its parks and lakes, Minneapolis offers plenty of opportunities for you and your kitty to get out and about together and explore. Get caffeinated at The Cafe Meow where you can curl up on a recliner chair in their cozy lounge and cuddle with a cat. 

Or why not visit one of the many cat gear and grooming stores in the city center? Plus, you'll find some great cat trainers and behaviorists who'll be more than happy to help with any cat behavior problems your feline friend may be experiencing, and there are lots of lovely green spaces for you and your kitty to relax in when the weather is good. 

26. Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado, skyline

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Denver is on track to become one of the most cat-loving cities in the country, with 2020 seeing them take out the title for the highest number of cat adoptions of any US city. The Denver Cat Company is well worth a visit — not only do they serve great coffee and facilitate finding rescue cats new homes, they also offer some super fun activities, like a tarot card reading given by a cat and art and craft classes where all the feline residents join in. There are plenty of great hikes in the area too, plus lots of other options for outdoor activities, so if your cat has an adventurous nature, they'll love calling Denver home. 

27. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City

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If you're after scenic mountain views and a vibrant local culture with people who are incredibly pet-friendly, then Salt Lake City is a great place to put down roots. It consistently appears in the top 10 best US cities to have a cat across a range of different surveys with plenty of cat-friendly accommodation, community cat rescue and adoption programs, quality vet care and some gorgeous hiking trails for those days when you and your feline friend just want to get away from it all. 

28. Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas

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Apart from having the perfect climate for window perching, Dallas is one of the first cities in the country to receive the BETTER CITY FOR PETS™ certification, as part of the Mars Petcare BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program — a certification that honors the city's ongoing commitment to creating a pet-friendly community. No surprise then that Dallas currently ranks second in the country for cat-friendly rental accommodation and they've also just opened the very adorably named Whiskers and Soda cat cafe. 

29. Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Not only is Cincinnati kind on your wallet if you own a cat (they have some of the lowest vet costs, pet-care provider costs, and pet insurance premiums in the country) but there are also 39 cat-friendly assisted living facilities in the area for seniors who are looking for more daily support but who don't want to have to say goodbye to their beloved fur friend. 

30. Riverside, California

Riverside, California

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A popular area to put down roots for families and young professionals, Riverside is a cat-friendly city known for its abundance of cafes and parks. They rank highly for their animal shelters and welfare groups and have plenty of rental options that will happily accept you and your feline friend. The vet care in the area is also good and you'll find plenty of hiking options on your doorstep if you and your kitty fancy a day out on the trails. 

31. Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

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Pet-friendly Portland has a plethora of parks and natural spaces that will happily welcome you and your cat (provided they're on a leash that is!). Many of the city's beloved breweries will also let your feline friend hang out with you on the patio, and you'll have no problem finding quality rental options that will accept your cat. 

There are also close to 300 different vet clinics to choose from and with more than 60% of residents owning a pet of some kind, you'll find the locals to be incredibly animal-friendly. 

32. Greensboro, North Carolina

Greensboro, North Carolina

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Greensboro is one of the best cities in the US to have a cat when it comes to feline-friendly rentals, with more than 85% of the accommodation options in the city welcoming cats. The Crooked Tail Cat Cafe was also the first of its kind to open in North Carolina and it ranks well for quality vet care. 

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