32 best cat breeds for hot climates

Cat sitting on the deck
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Knowing which cat breeds are best for hot climates can help you narrow down which furry or not so furry feline will be the best addition to your home. It may come as no surprise that most cats on this list will include those with shorter hair or no fur at all. Many of these breeds also have more exotic origins. 

Overheating can be a serious worry for many pet parents so it's best to know which breeds will thrive in warmer temperatures. You may also find it helpful to invest in some equipment to help your cat stay cool such as one of the best water fountains.

So if you live somewhere where the sun is always shining and the days are hot, you'll want to consider one of these breeds to be your cat companion. 

32 best cat breeds for hot climates

1. Abyssinian

Abyssinian cat sitting on the bed

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Abyssinians have a short and silky coat that helps them stay cool in hot temperatures. They are a high energy cat breed and love a good play session with their pet parent.

2. Balinese

Balinese cat sitting outside

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A very talkative cat, the balinese will do well in warmer climates due to their silky coats. Interestingly, the balinese do not have an undercoat so their fur is less likely to get matted. However, they will still require regular grooming with one of the best cat brushes.

3. Siamese

Siamese cat

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Siamese cats are very social and well-suited to family life. You will want to ensure that your house is stocked with some of the best cat toys to keep your kitty entertained. This breed also loves the outdoors so knowing how to leash train a cat, could be very helpful. 

4. Devon rex

Devon rex cat

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Devon rex cats are highly intelligent and energetic. They will benefit from having some of the best cat trees and the best interactive cat toys to keep their bodies and minds busy. 

5. Bengal

Bengal cat sitting on the bed

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There are many fascinating facts about bengal cats. One of the most interesting, is the fact that they are one of the cat breeds that like water. So don't be surprised if your cat also wants to take a dip in the pool or even the bath.

6. Bombay

Bombay cat sitting outside

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Bombay cats are curious little kitties and enjoy watching the world around them. So having enough windows and perches is a plus for this cat. They also enjoy snuggling up with owners so are perfect if you're also looking for a low energy cat breed.

7. Burmese

Burmese cat sitting on the couch

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Burmese cats have short coats that can make them ideal for living in warmer climates. They are also highly intelligent and enjoy a challenge. Having the best cat puzzle feeder can be just the thing for these cats. 

8. Savannah

Savannah cat sitting outside

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Savannah cats are said to have dog like personalities. They love going for walks, playing in water and are always up for a game of fetch. This makes them perfect partners for outdoor activities in the sun. 

9.  Cornish Rex

Two Cornish Rex kittens

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Cornish rex cats have short curly coats and are considered a hypoallergenic cat breed. They are a high-energy breed and love playing with their pet families. 

10.  Sphynx

Sphynx cat sitting on the bed

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Known for their hairless appearance, the sphynx cat is a very affectionate and loyal breed. They also crave warmth so consider spending time with them outdoors. You can even try out one of the best outdoor cat enclosures so they can safely explore around outside. 

11. Egyptian mau

Egyptian mau cat

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Famous for the spotted coats, the Egyptian mau has an athletic build that makes them great jumpers and runners. They enjoy warm climates and have short furs to help them thrive. This breed is very smart and will require some of the best automated cat toys to keep them busy when home alone.

12. Munchkin

Munchkin cat sitting inside

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Their short legs are the stand-out characteristic of this breed. You should take care if your munchkin cat is going to be spending time outdoors, be sure there are shady areas to keep your cat from overheating.

13. Siberian forest 

Siberian forest cat

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Their powerful bodies are covered in a thicker coat that sheds in the summer months, helping them adapt to the warmer temps. The Siberian forest cat is a very social breed but is also just as happy spending time on their own.

14. Japanese bobtail

Japanese bobtail outside

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The Japanese bobtail cat comes in both short and long-hair varieties. The short-hair breed will be better suited to hotter climates. They are also very outgoing so can be one of the best cats for extroverts.

15. Toyger

Toyger cat sitting in a tree

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Toygers are very social and fun-loving cats. They are ideal for families and even get along well with dogs. They are excellent at climbing so having some of the best cat scratching posts will keep them entertained. They also have a short, dense coat that helps them thrive in hotter weather.

16. Ocicat 

Ocicat cat sitting on the sidewalk

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This energetic kitty is very athletic and will need plenty of exercise. Can you train a cat? The answer is definitely yes with this breed. The ocicat is highly intelligent and will enjoy fun brain games to keep their minds sharp. 

17. Oriental shorthair

Oriental shorthair snuggling in a blanket

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Part of the siamese cat family, this cat has a very powerful body. They love climbing to high points in their homes so having plenty of cat towers will be super helpful. They love interaction with their pet parents and generally do not like to be alone for more than a few hours at a time. 

18.  European shorthair

European shorthair cat peeping around the window

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European shorthairs are always looking for adventures making them fun pets to have around. They need plenty of time for physical activity and they love to do this by playing with their pet parents. They don't shy away from the sun and love taking a nap in its rays. 

19. Turkish van

Turkish van cat

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It may be due to their Middle Eastern origins that help them to thrive in hotter climates. This very active breed loves jumping, climbing and swimming. Their large frame requires the right balance of nutrients so investing in the best cat food is vital. 

20. Korat

Korat cat sitting the basket

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Korats are not just athletic, they can also be very in tune with their pet parents' emotions. Their very affectionate nature is just one way that having a pet can lower your stress levels. While they still require regular grooming, they have short coats to help them stay cool. 

21. Turkish angora

Turkish angora cat sitting on the bed

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The Turkish angora is a very social cat and loves to be around other people. If you don't know much about separation anxiety in cats, it might be helpful to read up on it as this breed does not like to be left alone for long periods of time. 

22. Somali

Somali cat sitting outside

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Somali cats are all about the fun and are used to living in hotter climates. Full of energy, they are always looking for something to get into. Keeping some of the best automatic laser cat toys can help keep them from getting into too much trouble.

23. Singapura 


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A very elegant cat, the singapura is a smaller cat breed so can be one of the best cats for apartments. They will enjoy spending time outdoors, but be sure to keep an eye on them or set up a DIY outdoor cat house to keep your kitty safe.

24.  Tonkinese 

Tonkinese cats in a tunnel

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It's no wonder the tonkinese is one of the most popular cat breeds. They have large striking eyes that can range from light blue to green. They are a very active breed so they will need plenty of space and time for physical activities. They are also not big shedder and they have short coats to keep them from getting too hot.

25. Chartreux 

Chartreux cat sitting outside

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Chartreux are excellent family pets, though they tend to bond strongly with just one person.  They are very adaptable are great at traveling, so if you were thinking of traveling to one of the best places to take your pet, this kitty will be up for the adventure.

26. American bobtail

American bobtail cat

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Almost dog-like in its characteristics, the American bobtail loves games like fetch. Investing in one of the best cat harnesses can be well worth it with this breed as they love going for walks and spending time outside. Be sure to keep water handy though and offer breaks in the shade.

27. Maine coon

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Don't be intimated by this large and powerful cat. Maine coons are all about snuggles and being close to their pet parents. On the other hand, they do need plenty of space to exercise. They will thrive spending time outdoors and typically do not like being in the house all the time.

28. Havana brown

Havana brown cat sitting against the wall

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This breed is a distant relative of the siamese cat and generally attaches to one person. This trait can make it one of the best cats for introverts. They also boast short coats that help to keep them cool.

29.  Birman

Birman cat lying on the table

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Birman cats originated from Myanmar, and are well suited for tropical and hot climates. Their fur doubles as a thermal insulator to keep their bodies from overheating.

30. Ragdoll

Ragdoll cat sitting on the table

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We know, this cat is fluffy and has a gorgeous dense coat, but stay with us. Ragdolls can adapt easily to hot temps and have their tips and tricks to stay cool. One of these is lying on their back. They do this to release heat in the body as well as looking stinking cute.

31. Khao Manee 

Khao Manee cat

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Khao Manee originate from Thailand and are considered royalty there. They have short fur coats to keep them cool and are stark white, which attracts less heat. 

32. Lykoi

Lykoi cat

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This is a very intelligent cat and can be very vocal. They are very energetic and will need plenty of physical and mental stimulation.  They also have short coats helping to keep them cool in hot temps.

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