32 cat breeds that like water

Cat swimming in pool
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We know, we couldn't believe it either — there are cat breeds that like water? Who knew! It turns out that some of our feline friends can't get enough of the wet stuff and we're super excited to share some of our favorite little water-loving fur babies with you.

While the majority of cats prefer to stick to dry land and play with the best interactive cat toys, there are some breeds that love fully submerging themselves in water. And while not all are quite that keen, others are fascinated by fresh, running water and adore playing with it.

There are lots of reasons to adopt a cat, but if you're keen to find a kitty companion who'll happily join you in the bath or one that will sit on the kitchen counter and paw at the water in the sink while you wash dishes, one of these breeds may well be your new forever friend.

1. Maine Coon

Cat breeds that like water: Maine Coon

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There’s a whole lot to love about the Maine Coon and we mean that literally - these large kitties can measure up to 40-inches in length and males will often tip the scales at an impressive 18-pounds (8.2kgs).

Known for their distinctive physical appearance and friendly and goofy natures, the Maine Coon is huge in both size and personality. Incredibly affectionate and loving, these cats love to be around their families and they’re also super obedient, happily coming when called.

But most of all, the Maine Coon loves water. Whether it’s playing in the sink or jumping in the tub for a bath, this is one feline fur baby who’s quite content to spend hours around the wet stuff. Thankfully, they have semi-water-resistant fur, which helps them stay warm and dry.

2. Bengal

Cat breeds that like water: Bengal

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We’re not quite sure if the Bengal is more like a human or a dog, but one things for sure - they’re definitely not your average cat. Bold, sociable, playful, chatty, and affectionate, the Bengal loves adventure and will happily harness up and head out hiking with their owners.

Bengals may have a wild side, but they’re also sweet and loving, which is why they’ve become so popular in recent years. Their highly curious natures extend to the water and it’s not unusual to see these fun furkids joining their pet parents in a kayak or boat.

These cats love to swim anywhere you’ll let them, so don’t be surprised if they try to join you in the bath or jump right on in beside you in your swimming pool. It’s worth bearing in mind though that Bengal cats have a high prey drive and they won’t think twice about dipping their paw into an aquarium to scoop out a fishy friend to play with!

3. Turkish Van

Cat breeds that like water: Turkish Van

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Energetic and fun-loving, the Turkish Van likes attention and lots of it, so it’s a breed best suited to those who have a lot of time to spare. They are outstanding athletes both on land and in the water, the latter of which they have a particular affinity for.

Nicknamed ‘The Swimming Cat’, the Turkish Van has a soft coat that’s water-resistant, meaning they can frolic in the water for long periods of time and come out relatively dry.

When not in the water, these cats are highly acrobatic and will spend hours jumping and somersaulting while playing with toys and attempting to entertain you. But, they can also be rather klutzy, so make sure all your breakables are locked safely away!

4. Norwegian Forest Cat

Cat breeds that like water: Norwegian Forest Cat

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The Norwegian Forest Cat (or Wegie as it’s often called) is a sweet, calm, and gentle kitty who’s often shy around new people but is known for being sociable and affectionate with those they know well. Responding well to praise, this breed is mellow enough to live happily with children and they love interacting with their owners.

Legend has it that Wegies were kept as ship cats on Viking vessels to keep the rodents at bay and over time they went on to develop water-resistant topcoats and dense and woolly undercoats to keep them warm while out on the cold and stormy seas.

Wegies adore water and will seize any opportunity to get themselves wet. They’ve even been known to hunt and catch fish - so if you’re a keen fisherman, this could well be the companion cat for you.

5. Abyssinian 

Cat breeds that like water: Abyssinian

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Spirited and incredibly smart, Abys love people and other animals making them a great choice for any home environment. An active cat who loves to jump and play, the Aby will definitely keep you on your toes, although the good news is they’re quite content to amuse themselves for hours, so you won’t have to constantly entertain them.

With a well-known fondness for water, don’t be surprised if your Abyssinian learns how to turn the faucet on so that they can spend time splashing around in their own water park. Agile and beautiful, they’ll happily swim laps in the bath if given half the chance.

6. Snowshoe

Cat breeds that like water: Snowshoe cat

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Is this not the best name for a cat breed you’ve ever heard? Adorable in name and in nature, the Snowshoe has one of the kindest personalities of any cat and they’re equally intelligent too.

When it comes to types of rare cat breeds, the snowshoe is near the top of the list — which makes them all the more special. They tend to attach themselves to just the one pet parent, who they’ll frequently seek out love, attention, and affection from.

Snowshoes love to swim, but they always want to do it on their own terms, so never try to force them into the water. Instead, fill up the tub or leave a shallow container of water around and let them splash about when they feel like it.

7. Manx

Cat breeds that like water: Manx

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Interactive cats that are devoted to their families, the Manx is independent while at the same time being fiercely loyal to the humans in their pack. They’re placid cats with sweet temperaments and although they’re gentle and laidback, they love to run and play.

They have a short, double-haired coat that’s thick and dense, so you’d think that the time it takes them to try off would make them adverse to water, but it’s quite the opposite.

Island-born, Manx cats hail from the Isle of Man, which is probably where they inherited their love of the wet stuff from. Water has always been a familiar element for them, so you won’t have any problem coaxing these often tailless kitties into the bath.

8. Japanese Bobtail

Cat breeds that like water: Japanese Bobtail

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Outgoing, charming, and people-loving, the Japanese Bobtail adores everyone from adults and children to other cats and even dogs. Bobtails aren’t easily intimidated and no matter who else is in their household, they assume they’re in charge.

They have a soft and sweet sing-song voice that they use to get the attention and affection that they crave and most people can’t help but fall in love with this endearing feline.

Like the Manx, the Japanese Bobtail is island-born, so their love of water is deeply embedded in their genes. They’re fascinated by faucets, ponds, streams, and any other moving body of water and if you have a koi pond or aquarium, you’ll need to watch them as they won’t think twice about raiding it!

9. Turkish Angora

Cat breeds that like water: Turkish Angora

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A cousin to the Turkish Van, the Turkish Angora has a kittenlike playfulness that sticks around well into old age and a beautiful temperament that sees them form strong bonds with their people.

Renowned for its gorgeous, silky coat that takes on a shimmering quality when it moves, the Turkish Angora has a dainty build and a delicately boned face, but don’t let that fool you - this kitty is one Chatty Cathy so be prepared for lots of vocalization if you welcome one of these felines into your family.

Turks have an agile body that makes them strong swimmers and because they’re super intelligent and love to teach themselves new tricks, there’s a strong chance they’ll quickly figure out how to turn the faucets on and off.

10. Siberian

hypoallergenic cat breeds: Siberian cat

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Given that Siberian cats are slow to mature both physically and emotionally (it can take up to five years for this kitty to reach adulthood), it’s the perfect breed if you’re wanting a feline whose kitten phase is extended well past 12 months.

Personable, fearless, easygoing, and devoted, Siberians will blend seamlessly into any home environment, but you’ll want to create plenty of room as these stocky kitties can weigh up to 20-pounds and have powerful hind legs and bushy tails.

Because they hail from the dense forests of Siberia it’s no surprise that they love climbing and leaping all over the show and their water-repellent coats have gifted them with a huge affinity for water - so much so that many owners report their Siberian jumps in the shower with them!

11. Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau

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Friendly and fiercely loyal to their families, the striking Egyptian Mau has been around for centuries and has been worshiped by Egyptians since ancient times. With their exotic looking spotted coat and intelligent and devoted nature, these people-oriented cats make wonderful companions.

Agile and athletic, they’re known for being able to reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour and they adore water — although you’ll need to keep an eye on them as this is a bright breed who will have no trouble figuring out how to turn the faucet on!

One of the best cats for extroverts, this energetic bundle of fluff will definitely keep their humans on their toes.

12. Highlander

Highlander cat

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With a wonderfully wild appearance, the Highlander is like a dog and a cat all rolled into one. They’re gentle giants with a love of the limelight and nothing pleases them more than entertaining their family. They make fabulous playmates for children who will adore their silly antics and they’re super intelligent, so the answer to can cats play fetch is a huge yes with this breed.

Affectionate cats with almost unending patience, they make brilliant family companions and they find water absolutely fascinating, so much so that they can frequently be found playing in it.

13. American Shorthair

American Shorthair

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If you’ve invested in one of the best pet water fountains and find more water on your floor than in the fountain, your little American Shorthair could be to blame! This athletic and agile breed loves getting their paws wet and can often be found scooping water out of their bowl or sitting on the side of the bathtub watching it fill with water. Basically, if there’s water to be found and enjoyed, you can bet they’ll be in the midst of it all.

Aside from their love of the wet stuff, the American Shorthair is a gentle and sweet-natured kitty with a happy disposition and a playful temperament. Easygoing and amiable, they get on well with children, other cats and cat-friendly dogs and while they enjoy the company of their humans, they’re very undemanding.

14. Sphynx


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You’d think that being naked would put you off wanting to hang about near cold water, but the Sphynx isn’t about to let a little thing like baldness get in their way of having a good time. It’s just as well they like the water too, as unlike their fur-sporting brothers and sisters, they require weekly bathing to keep their oily skin in check.

A highly energetic and acrobatic breed, they love entertaining their humans with their clown-like antics. One of the best cat breeds for hot climates, the Sphynx is a spunky cat full of personality.

15. Burmese


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Curious, bright and mischievous, the Burmese is one of those fan-favorites amongst cat lovers and it’s not hard to understand why. With spunky, chatty and affectionate natures, they make wonderful companions for people of all ages and stages and because they’re so inquisitive, you can guarantee they’ll be drawn to moving water. Known for drinking out of faucets and running shower heads, some Burmese cats are even known to enjoy taking a bath or going for a swim. Often referred to as bricks wrapped in silk because of their super soft coats and chonky build, the charming Burmese is always a crowd pleaser.

16. Selkirk rex

Selkirk rex

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This curly-coated cutie is one of those breeds you can’t help but fall in love with. Warm, mellow, loving and curious, they are endlessly upbeat and friendly, making them a joy to have in the home. A mixture of active and fun-loving meets chilled out lap cat, they’re a very balanced breed who offers owners the best of every world.

Because they’re so intelligent, they’re prone to getting bored if they don’t have enough stimulation so be sure to invest in plenty of the best cat toys to keep them busy. Either that or let them splash about in the water while you’re doing the dishes or having a shower because that’s sure to keep them entertained, too!

17. British Shorthair

British Shorthair

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Curious breeds tend to have a real fascination with water, so it’s not surprising that the British Shorthair enjoys getting their paws wet. While they certainly won’t want to be submerged in the wet stuff, they enjoy playing with it and splashing it about. That aside, this robust breed that looks like a real life teddy bear is a firm favorite amongst cat owners and tends to be affectionate without being clingy and active without being too rambunctious.

An easygoing kitty that gets on well with everyone (including other cats and dogs), they strike the perfect balance between enjoying their human’s company and being independent.

18. Aegean

Aegean cat

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Hailing from the Cycladic Islands of Greece and western Turkey, the rare Aegean is one of the world’s oldest domesticated cat breeds. As you’d expect from a cat that lives with the Medeteranean sea on their doorstep, they have little fear of water and can often be found hanging out at fishing ports in their home countries.

Playful and intelligent, they’re fearless family cats who get on beautifully with children and have an affectionate and social nature. They also love learning new things, so reading up on how to teach a cat a trick will win you some serious brownie points with this breed who will delight in showing off their new skill.

19. Kurilian Bobtail

Kurilian Bobtail

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Originating from the Kuril Islands in far-eastern Russia, the Kurilian Bobtail is the result of natural selection so nobody is quite sure how they came to wind up living where they do! However, most believe they arrived on the Kuril Islands after accompanying sailors on long voyages and are perhaps distantly related to the Japanese Bobtail whose origins lie not too far away in northern Japan.

Regardless of how they came into existence, one thing is certain — these playful cats adore water. With a thick and waterproof coat, they’re quite happy to submerge themselves in the cold stuff and they’re also fantastic hunters, two things that likely helped to keep them fed when they arrived on the Kuril Islands more than 200 years ago.

20. Ragdoll


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One of the most affectionate cat breeds, the sweet-natured ragdoll is a popular choice amongst families with children due to their gentle nature. Happy to be carried around the house, these relaxed and friendly cats adore spending time with their humans and will happily lap up any attention and strokes that come their way. Trusting and tolerant, they form strong bonds with all members of their family and most have a genuine affinity for water — some even enjoy swimming!

21. Siamese

Siamese cat

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Highly intelligent and very vocal, the Siamese is a demanding cat breed who’s not well suited to those in search of the quiet life. One of the oldest breeds in the world, the striking Siamese is an active and curious kitty who needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation to thrive. Because of that, it’s worth reading up on tips for training your cat as they adore learning new tricks and it’s a great way of offering them the enrichment they need. Plus, it’s great for strengthening your bond. Because they’re smart and inquisitive, they tend to be drawn to water, so don’t be surprised if you see them drinking out of the faucet or pawing water out of their bowl and using it to groom themselves.

22. American Bobtail

American Bobtail

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Often referred to as the dogs of the cat world because of their love of fetch, the playful and energetic American Bobtail also shares their canine brothers and sisters love of the water, so don’t be surprised if you find them turning the faucet on or dunking their favorite toy in their water bowl.

Devoted and affectionate, they delight in the company of people of all ages and stages, including new visitors who they’re quick to make friends with. Generally quiet, their easygoing and clown-like natures means they’re one of the best emotional support animal breeds.

23. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex kittens

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Hailing from Cornwall in England, the captivating and curly coated Cornish Rex is a spirited kitty with an energetic nature. Curious, bright and high-energy, they love climbing, jumping and playing with the best automated cat toys. They’re also huge fans of puzzle toys and anything that will give their brains a good workout. True explorers who will want to know what’s in every nook and cranny in your home, this social cat will certainly keep you on your toes!

24. Tonkinese


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A result of crossbreeding between the Burmese and the Siamese, the Tonkinese are known for their warm, loving and tender-hearted natures. Playful, lively and curious, they’re never happier than when involved in family activities and they adore spending time with children.

Demanding of attention and affection, the Tonkinese likes being the center of attention and because of that, they’re one of the cat breeds most likely to suffer from separation anxiety. Like the Burmese and Siamese, they’re highly intelligent and inquisitive, so you’ll find your Tonk is naturally drawn to water.

25. Toyger


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Named toyger (toy tiger) because of the big cats that they resemble, this breed adores the water and is never happier than when playing in it and splashing about. While they may look wild and exotic, they have a friendly and easygoing nature and thrive on human companionship.

Highly intelligent, we recommend investing in one of the best cat puzzle feeders to make mealtimes more stimulating. They’re very adaptable cats, able to thrive in almost any living situation, and they get on well with both children and other pets. An outgoing breed, the toyger can be trained to walk on a leash and will delight in playing games of fetch.

26. Devon Rex

Devon Rex

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A wide-eyed and energetic cat with high cheekbones and an impish face, the Devon Rex is a strikingly unique cat with a friendly and outgoing nature. They love to be around other pets, adults and children and they adore being goofy and having a cuddle.

With a delightfully clownish nature that’s bound to keep you laughing, the spirited Devon Rex retains their kittenish energy well into old age and does best in homes where someone is there most of the day to keep them company. While they’re not keen to be submerged in water, they are very playful, bright and curious, so they’ll enjoy splashing it about.

27. Ocicat


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Looking for a feline friend to join you in the bath? The ocicat may just be the breed for you! They love water and are very social, wanting to be wherever their humans are, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself lacking in personal space when it comes time to have a shower!

These cats love dishing out attention and affection, and they expect plenty of it back in return — but don’t worry, they’re not shy in communicating what they need, so they’ll be quite clear with you if they’re not getting as much of your focus as they’d like.

Super smart and easy to train, these bold cats have a lovely energy and will brighten up any home. If you’re looking for ways to be the best cat owner, teaching this cat a trick or two is sure to keep you in their good books.

28. Pixiebob


(Image credit: Alamy)

They may look like wild bobcats but the pixiebob is really a big domestic softie. With a genuine affinity for water, these easygoing and devoted cats are fearless and love to play — and they won’t mind getting a bit wet in the process! Affectionate and snuggly, they pixiebob is large and sturdy, meaning they’re robust enough to romp around the house with young children. While they will meow on occasion, on the whole they’re a quiet breed who communicates using sweet chirps and twitters when they want to get your attention.

29. Cymric


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Originating in Canada, the cymric is a sweet-natured, gentle and placid breed with a solid and chunky body. While hugely social and people-oriented, they have a delightfully calm temperament and are very devoted to their humans. Known for their high levels of intelligence (if there’s a cupboard they want to get into, you can bet they’ll find a way to open it!), the cymric also has an endearing sense of humor and enjoys playing tricks on their family members. Natural born hunters, they have a fondness for water and enjoy swiping it with their paws.

30. Birman

Birman cat

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The birman has long been a family-favorite, and it’s not hard to see why. They are endlessly warm, loving and affectionate cats with loyal and relaxed natures, making them a true joy to have in the home. This visually striking breed is adaptable and flexible, allowing them to thrive in almost any living situation.

Gentle with children and the elderly, they’re quiet cats who are never demanding and while they love to play, they’re not hyper or super active, happy to snuggle down on a nice warm lap after chasing a toy around the house — making them one of the best cats for introverts in search of a quiet life. Although just be warned, many adore playing in their water dish, so don’t be surprised if you have to spend some time each day drying off your floor!

31. Somali


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If a Somali was able to write, they’d definitely list turning faucets on as one of their special skills! They’re obsessed with running water and will happily play with the wet stuff for hours on end.

An affectionate, active and agile breed, the Somalis life motto is definitely live life to the fullest. Always busy climbing, jumping, exploring and adventuring, they’re a challenging breed to own in that you need a good amount of energy to keep pace with them, but they’re also endlessly entertaining thanks to their fantastic sense of humor.

A playful and persistent cat who delights in the company of children, they’re never happier than when they’re the center of attention.

32. Savannah

Savannah cat

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A cross between an Exotic African Serval and a domestic house cat, the Savannah is not a cat for anyone in search of a quiet life. However, this breed can be a wonderful companion for those with lots of time to devote to them. They require a ton of mental and physical stimulation each day to keep them from becoming bored and getting into mischief, so you’ll want a good variety of toys on hand including puzzle toys and toys they can chase. The Savannah also loves to climb, so investing in one of the best cat trees is a must. Energetic and daring, they are hugely loyal to their humans and always want to be close, so don’t be surprised if they sleep in your bed with you or join you in the shower.

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