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Watch the hilarious moment Bailey the Golden Retriever has his bed stolen by a kitten

Bailey the Golden Retriever looking at tabby kitten in blue dog bed
(Image credit: YouTube)

Ever had your own bed stolen from right under your nose? That's exactly the situation Bailey the Golden Retriever found himself in when he returned ready for a lie down only to find a tiny kitten sitting right in the middle of the comfy dog bed he was planning to relax on.

Captured in a hilarious YouTube video which has been viewed 22 million times, Bailey's surprise is clear. First, he stares at the relaxed furball to try to make it clear that this behavior just isn't on. When this doesn't work, a couple of half-hearted barks are employed to try to get the kitty to move.

The kitty clearly understands the dog isn't happy and meows and hisses at the confused canine's futile attempts, but as anyone trying to reclaim a favorite chair from a cat will know, they aren't easily shifted.

Bailey then scratches at his dog bed to claim it as his own, and even tries to tip the kitty out of it by lifting it up with his nose. However, even this isn't enough to shift the tiny but tenacious moggy. 

Eventually, Bailey gives in and settles for a bit of the bed to rest his head on. The kitten isn't finished yet though and is soon playing with Bailey's hair, batting and pawing at it, before finding a new place to relax – on top of Bailey himself. 

You'd think that Bailey would be used to dealing with kittens as he became a bit of an Internet sensation when he was previously introduced to another kitty called Simon for the first time. 

Once again Bailey doesn't know how to respond to Simon's presence, and avoids him, snuffling around and seeking comfort from his owner.

This previous hilarious encounter garnered 17 million views on YouTube, and led to many more videos being uploaded to the channel, including Bailey being introduced to rabbits or even more comical moments where he dealt with the intrusive cats in his life. But through it all, you can see the genuine friendship between Bailey and his animal companions shine through.

If you want to see more of his cute adventures, you can follow Bailey the Golden Retriever on YouTube and Instagram, and you can see more from Simon on YouTube here

Jamie Middleton

Jamie Middleton is a freelance editor and writer - or at least he is when he is permitted to by his cat Pirate, who enjoys the warmth of laptops too much to allow being creative to get in the way.