Watch: Dog asks owner to move cat from bed in hilarious video

A dog looks imploringly at her owner because the kitten has stolen her bed
(Image credit: thompsontails)

When it comes to the age-old battle of cat versus dog, the latter really should come out on top. After all, there’s a substantial size difference that should yield an advantage.

However, as a lot of you will likely be aware, it’s not that simple. Dogs are generally pretty humble animals, while cats will do pretty much whatever they want.

Nowhere is this dynamic best exemplified by this video that has recently gone viral on TikTok. 

Posted by user ‘Thompson Tails’ (thompsontails), it shows a dog by the name of Trace sitting there anxiously, turning round to look at the camera as the caption, ‘My hound dog when the new kitten steals his dog bed’ appears.


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The cause of Trace’s consternation quickly becomes apparent, as his new house buddy  – a kitten by the name of Cornbread – is sitting smugly in his bed, and doesn’t show any sign of being willing to move.

In some cases, the dog would simply sit next to the cat, move them out of the way, or sit on top of them. Not so in Trace’s case.

Rather than do anything proactive about the situation, Trace sits mournfully by, eventually turning round to appeal to his human to do something – anything – to resolve this situation.

While we of course sympathize with Trace’s predicament, we can’t help but find it extremely funny.

By the looks of it, the internet at large shares our sentiments, with the video having racked up 29,100 likes at the time of writing, and been viewed over 450,000 times. We can only imagine how popular it will be in a few days’ time.

The comments on the video range from sympathy to suggestion: “awwwww poor baby!!!” says one user, with another saying, “His little face is begging you.”

Another says what would probably be the best all-round solution: “You will have to get a second one and put it side-by-side”. We wouldn’t put it past Cornbread to simply sprawl across that one too, though.

Steve Wright

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