Brave cat fights off coyote on porch in heart-stopping viral video

Cat fights off coyote on porch
(Image credit: ABC13 Houston)

If you’re anything like us, watching as this brave ginger cat fights off coyote on porch will likely leave you sweating buckets as you wait to see who will emerge triumphant, but thankfully, this story has a happy ending. 

The phenomenal surveillance camera footage captured the heart-stopping two-minute showdown between a brazen coyote and a bold and courageous feline who wasn’t about to back down from a challenge.

Posted to Facebook by Surfside Beach, Texas resident Tony Gray, the video shows the wild animal lunging repeatedly at the cat on a deck. The plucky kitty gives as good as they get, clawing and hissing as they make their way under a folding lounge chair which made it hard for the coyote to get at them.

As the video progresses, the coyote attempts to get under the lounge chair, causing the cat to make a run for it up the deck railing with the coyote in hot pursuit, nipping at its tail. The cat manages to evade the coyote’s clutches, making it all the way up the beam where it clings on for dear life.

The coyote continues to circle the cat and the deck before realizing he can’t reach his intended target. After a few more moments, the defeated animal slinks off into the night, but the little ginger ninja retains it’s death grip on the beam for a further 50 seconds before deciding it’s safe to let go.

While the cat doesn’t belong to Gray, he said the incident serves as an important reminder about taking care of our pets. "I am amazed at the diverse and healthy population of wildlife on this island. Surfside is an amazing place, but we need to keep our pets inside and safe," he said.

As for what happened to the dueling duo, Gray had this to say: "He is a fighter and I saw no signs of anything in my yard the next day, to indicate he lost," Gray said of the cat.

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