Meet Andrea von Speed, TikTok's fast reaction feline

Andrea von Speed
(Image credit: Instagram / andreavonspeed)

When Andrea Von Speed hears a particular noise, she certainly lives up to her name.

One fart sound later and she’s quickly arching her back, eyes wide open before darting away with cartoon-like haste.

It needs to be seen to be believed which is why the Internet is going crazy over a series of videos posted by the two-year-old’s pet parents.

Indeed, Alexander Holtti from Denmark has been so taken by the reaction, he’s been motivated to capture more, leaving TikTok users hooked.


♬ original sound - Andrea Von Speed

Andrea’s alarm over fart noises goes back years as past videos of her as a kitten have showed.  

There are also videos of her as an adult speeding up a ladder and staring intently.


♬ original sound - Andrea Von Speed

Much of the amusement lies in Andrea’s owl-like eyes but the speed at which she moves is startling, with her pet parents suggesting she is getting faster.

One thing’s for sure, we’re going to be speeding back to Andrea’s antics time and time again.

After all, it’s not just farts which keep us and Andrea alert but other items such as rubbish bags. It’s definitely something to make a noise about.

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