Brewski, the real-life Scooby-Doo, is terrified of everything!

Brewski is even scared of broccoli
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Guard dogs are supposed to be fearless and brave, but not this huge 4ft Great Dane

Brewski, the 4ft Great Dane Cross, has been trending for being a real scaredy cat about practically everything – including socks, candy wrappers and even a small piece of broccoli! This has seen him likened to the lovable cartoon canine, Scooby-Doo, warming hearts around the world.

Adopted as a pup by Canadian couple Chris Fulton and wife Wylie in 2017, they had hoped he would grow up to be a protective guard dog. Little did they know that this huge mutt would grow up to be terrified of everything - even the things we would least expect. 

When faced with vegetables, plastics or even the less threatening, smaller animals, he simply runs away. 

“He's scared of everything, there's too many things to list,” says owner Chris. “He's scared of candy wrappers and he's really scared of backing out of small places, if he gets stuck anywhere and has to back up, he doesn't like it.”

When the couple first adopted Brewski he weighed about 15 pounds before rapidly growing. Now he weighs more than owner Chris, and is even the same height once he stands up with his paws on his shoulders. “'He thinks he's a lapdog, he tries to sit on our laps and it can take the breath out of you,” explains Chris, “it is very funny.”

Brewski may not win any awards for being guard dog of the year, but he’s certainly a lovable, gentle giant!
You can check out Brewski, the real life Scooby-Doo here: 

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