No-kill animal shelter creates bucket list for dying dog to live out his final days

no-kill shelter opted to create a bucket list for dying dog Lloyd rather than euthanize him
(Image credit: Facebook / Niagara SPCA)

It’s a sad state of affairs, but often when a dog is terminally ill, it is likely that the pooch in question will be euthanized.

In the case of Niagara SPCA in NY, however, this was never going to be an option. Being a no-kill shelter, when one of their shelter dogs, Lloyd, was found on the streets of Niagara Falls and diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure, they instead decided to do something lovely for him.

While Lloyd is still happy and in good health, the shelter has put together a ‘bucket list’ of sorts for him, and has appealed for people to help Lloyd tick things off the list. 

Reaching out, a statement was posted on the shelter’s Facebook page: “We would love to find a foster home for Lloyd who will help him fulfil a bucket list. Take him to the beach, take him for ice cream, a burger or lay with him in the grass on a sunny day. All the things that a good ol' boys deserves. Failing a foster for whatever time he has left, we'd happily let those approved "check" Lloyd out for the day.”

So far, the response has been highly positive, with a number of kind individuals stepping forward. 

One day saw Lloyd being treated to ice cream, with another having him stopping at a cafe for some bacon, before snoozing in front of Netflix for the day. 

Other highlights have included chicken nuggets, hanging around at a plant shop, going for a swim, having his very own photoshoot, hanging out with sea mammals at the Aquarium of Niagara, attending the local premiere of DC’s League of SuperPets movie, riding in a golf course, indulging in a steak dinner, attending a doggie date, and even becoming a honorary member of the City of Lockport Fire Department. 

So as you will gather, the response has been pretty amazing. While it may not prolong Lloyd’s life, it will nonetheless make sure that his final days are as happy as they can possibly be.

If you are interested in spending the day with Lloyd – or even fostering him full-time – you can get in touch via

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