Can you find the sneaky cat in this photo?

Bookcase concealing sneaky cat
(Image credit: @thereisnocat_account)

A very sneaky cat has caused us all a great deal of eye strain in recent days as netizens around the world focus intently on their computer screens in an attempt to try and figure out where one cunning kitty is hiding. 

The image, which was posted to Twitter in May and has garnered close to 9,000 likes, shows a seemingly ordinary snap of a bookcase. But look a little harder and you might just spot the cat lurking in amongst the furniture.

With a growing fan base, the @thereisnocat_account has become well known for sharing photos that appear at first glance to be rather mundane and yet hunting for the cleverly hidden feline that features in each image has become a daily delight for many. 

With around 700 comments, people have been quick to jump in with their thoughts, with one user writing: “found the cat but also in love with whomever stocked this bookcase,” while another added “okay, this one is fantastic.”

Some netizens were stumped by the image, while others found it a piece of cake compared to some of the more complicated photos often posted by this account. “Thank goodness this was an easy one!” one user wrote, which was followed by a series of “found it” and “too easy”. 

The crafty cat has since been identified as six-year-old Mejai, who lives with his owner Louison in France. "It's taken in my living room, and yes I knew she was here, she loves to sleep there. I knew about the Twitter account and wanted to take my own 'there's no cat' pic,” Louison explained.

"People actually guessed easily where she was hiding, it wasn't that hard, but she was really great in the dark,” Louison added. 

Haven't been able to find the cleverly hidden cat? Don't worry, it took us a while too! If you're stumped and in need of a helping hand, here's the answer...

Cat hiding in bookcase

(Image credit: @thereisnocat_account/Twitter)
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