Cat mom designs a tiny kitten cafe that prevents greedy grown-up cats from entering

Cat mom devises kitten cafe to stop adult cat from eating kitten food
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Do you live with a greedy cat that loves stealing kitten food? One cat mom's DIY kitten cafe has amazed social media with its ability to stop extra hungry felines from nabbing additional food. 

TikTok user, artist and foster cat mom @ArtistJodySteel got creative in her household when she realised her cat was eating a few extra portions stolen from her kittens.

In order to remedy the situation, the savvy artist devised a blueprint for a kitten cafe featuring its very own stylish window display, signage, flowers and a chic patterned floor.


My cat was gaining too much weight from eating kitten food so I came up with a solution! ##fosterkittens ##cats ##kittencafe ##catcafe ##minature ##crafts

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The key design choice, however, centers around the kitten cafe's entrance way. The doorway is only the correct size for kittens; larger adult cats are unable to enter so cannot reach the kitten food located inside.

The whole process took the foster cat mom 7 hours to put together, leaving many TikTok users both amazed and confused.

"Feeding them in separate places < building a kitty cafe," suggested one comment.

 "They would have been full grown by the time I finished that," joked another.

Most TiKTokers, however, were quick to praise the efforts, flagging up the cat mom's sheer commitment to the cause and agreeing about just how genius the idea of kitten cafe was in preventing greedy cats from stealing food. 

Some other foster cat parents were suitably inspired, and looked to use the idea for their feline friends. 

"This is so smart!", TikTok user @gingerthy wrote. "I'm inspired to make something like this when we start fostering again."

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