Cat sneaking treats to dog will have you laughing out loud

Piper and Finn
(Image credit: @pipercavalierpup/Instagram)

Meet Piper and Finn, a cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and New Jersey street cat who are the ultimate partners in crime. The best of friends since they met two years ago, the inseparable duo love nothing more than scheming together and netizens around the world can't get enough of them.

In perhaps their most hilarious video to date, Finn can be seen sitting on top of the kitchen counter next to a bowl of mini crackers. Reaching into the bowl with is paw, the clever kitty flicks one out, pushes it towards the end of the counter and sends it over the edge to Piper who's waiting below eager to gobble up the spoils. 

Amassing close to 2.5 million views since it was posted to TikTok a week ago, the short clip has also garnered more than 8,000 comments from people around the world who have fallen in love with Finn and Piper.


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"I like knocking stuff off the table. she likes eating. it's a win-win," writes one user, with another adding "Cat is like if you had fed your animal like ur supposed to Sharon, I wouldn’t have to do everything around here'🙄".

And the footage gets better with Finn repeating the process all over again as his mom cracks up laughing in the background saying "are you kidding me?"

The duo's masterful plan is comedic gold and it's not the first time they've devised a masterful plan to help each other out. In another video captioned with the words "team work continues", the roles are reversed with Piper holding the end of one of Finn's favorite toys and moving it about so he can play with it.


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One thing's for sure - we've fallen head over heels in love with Finn and Piper and their adorable antics and can't wait to see what mischief these two get into next!

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