Cat who ‘potty trained’ himself to use the bathroom is just hilarious

A white cat sat on a toilet looking at the camera over his shoulder
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A ‘potty trained’ cat has become an internet star, after going viral and capturing delighted fans.
The original picture shared on Reddit by user tunalemon, shows a white cat sitting on the toilet inside a bathroom, looking back at the camera. The hilarious caption alongside it says, "Finding out that my cat potty trained himself."

finding_out_that_my_cat_potty_trained_himself from r/mildlyinteresting

It's no surprise that this humorous snap quickly went viral, garnering more than 13,000 upvotes. In addition, many Redditors headed straight to comments to share their thoughts on this impressive kitty.  One user commented, " Omg. What a jackpot of a cat."

While another joked, "Lucky. Mine just randomly s*** in the house plants." Other users were not as convinced with kitty’s prowess, with one stating, “Come on now. Trained himself to do this randomly on his own? Absolutely not. Can you train a cat to do this? Sure. But a cat is not going to do this on its own without being trained to do so."

To put things to rest, the Reddit poster confirmed that the cat has never been formally potty trained as such. "He's actually an outside cat,” they stated, “I'm 100 percent convinced he learned from watching me since he loves occupying me while I use the bathroom. For the record, I have absolutely no extra time to toilet train a cat."

However, it is possible to toilet-train your feline pals should you wish to, but timid kittens may struggle with potty training. In any case, sharing the bathroom with your lovable kitty will save much time and effort on the cleaning chores.

Cynthia Lawrence

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