Cat’s adorably entertaining conversation with mom couldn’t be more purr-fect

Monroe the cat
(Image credit: TikTok)

Meet Monroe, TikTok’s latest sensation whose hilarious videos showing him talking away to his mom have managed to garner him a following of more than 700,000 netizens.

A serial chatterbox, Monroe has helped confirm the often reported orange tabby cat fact that kitty’s of this color are highly vocal with a clip showing him answering his mom’s questions with a slew of hilarious meows.

Well on its way to hitting one million views, the video, which was posted a week ago, has been watched over 800,000 times, with TikTokers flooding the comment section with love for Monroe.


♬ original sound - Monroe James

“His meows are the sweetest 🥰,” wrote one, with another adding “I seriously need a Monroe in my life 😭”

Monroe’s mom describes her beloved bundle of fluff as the kindest soul who is super smart and it’s clear that people from around the world agree.

“I have been watching this every morning and he brings me so much joy to start my day,” one netizen shared, with many others chiming in with how much they love hearing him chatter away.

In perhaps his most popular video to date, Monroe offers up some positive affirmations for his fans, with his mom asking him questions like “are you handsome?” and “are you perfect?” to which the sweet feline chimes in with an enthusiastic yes. 


Words of affirmation with the tiny man

♬ original sound - Monroe James

“I’m not trying to be dramatic, but I’d die for him,” one user writes, with another saying “I started sobbing while watching this video. I wish I was joking. He deserves all the love in the world.”

It’s clear that Monroe is destined for great things and we can’t wait to see more from one of the world’s most popular felines. 

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