Meet Chupie the Chupacabra cat, the ‘meowtivational speaker’ who has taken TikTok by storm

Chupie The Chupacabra Cat
(Image credit: Instagram / @chupiedoesntgiveameow)

You could be forgiven for looking at Chupie the Chupacabra cat, and wondering what kind of breed he is? Well, the answer is a Lykoi, and while you may not know about this particular breed, for many people this has changed thanks to Chupie.

Thanks to his owner, Austin resident Michelle, Chupie has hit online fame on TikTok with his own account documenting his antics.

Having come into Michelle’s ownership at the height of the pandemic, she decided to give Chupie his own TikTok handle, ‘@chupiedoesntgiveameow’, owing to his lovable, if slightly belligerent nature (witness the many videos of him stealing food – baguettes are a particular favorite). 

He stands out due to his slightly wolf-like appearance – the Lykoi is sometimes referred to as the ‘wolf cat’, with Lykoi itself being Greek for ‘wolves’.

Originally the result of a mutation found in feral cats, this has since made its way into pedigree cat breeds, with Lykoi being the result.

Occasionally, Chupie’s appearance has attracted unkind comments, with some likening him to a wolf or weasel. Nonetheless, his winning personality shines through.

“I think that a lot of people think that he looks like an ugly cat because he looks mangy,” Michelle shared. “But that's kind of what makes him special.”


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Special he certainly is - the above video is just one example of his desire to steal food. But his fans love him for it, with Michelle very aptly dubbing him a “meowtivational speaker”.

“Chupie is an influencer and meowtivational speaker who is known for not giving a meow.” says Michelle. “We make funny videos to make people laugh, spread positivity and to help people to not give a meow and live happier lives.”

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