Clingy cat thinks human dad is his soulmate

Clingy cat Toulouse in the kitchen looking straight into the camera with wide blue eyes
(Image credit: YouTube/The Dodo)

If you think you have a clingy cat on your hands, spare a thought for the young guy in this video whose cat Toulouse refuses to leave his side. 

Having fallen head over heels with his dad Tyler when he adopted him at just eight weeks old, the smitten tabby is now all grown up but still looks at his pet parent with eyes full of love and adoration.

While some may say dogs are more affectionate than cats, Toulouse is proof that our feline friends fall just as hard for us humans as our canine companions do. “He wouldn’t get off my shoulder the whole car ride home, he wouldn’t leave my side,” explains Tyler, describing the day the dynamic duo first met.

Clambering all over Tyler and demanding kisses and cuddles, Toulouse was a love machine from the get-go, and while he’s now fully grown and sporting quite the chubby physique, this smoochy feline still acts like his owner is his soulmate. 

“He’s just so affectionate and is constantly wanting to be touched. Toulouse does demand attention sometimes, he’ll be like hey, I’m here, pay attention to me. I do kinda treat him like he’s my roommate,” Tyler says smiling.

While many pet parents will part with plenty of pennies to get a purebred kitty that they know will make the perfect cuddly lap cat, watching clingy cat Toulouse seek out his Dad’s lap at every opportunity is evidence enough that the often-overlooked regular moggy can be just as much a snuggler as their more refined brothers and sisters.

Not only does he love sleeping with his human, but Toulouse has cat communication down pat too, frequently chatting away to Tyler with lots of meowing and not content unless he gets a reply. 

“When I come home, he comes running in meowing at me. We do have these conversations and he’s always looking for a response, but the minute I pick him up he’s always quiet and happy,” Tyler says with a laugh. 

Watching Toulouse gaze adoringly at Tyler, it’s clear that these two share a very special and unbreakable bond. “What Toulouse means to me is just love. He makes me incredibly happy,” says Tyler. “He just shows me a genuine connection and a genuine bond.”

Kathryn Williams
Freelance writer

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