Couple who live with 30 dogs take TikTok by storm

couple who live with 30 dogs and chickens
(Image credit: TikTok / @thedogmoms)

A couple who live with 30 dogs and a number of chickens have gained attention on TikTok for the sheer amount of pets that share their home.

@thedogmoms showcases the life of married couple Toni and Lydia who post videos of their everyday life on their 24-acre farm with all of their animals.

While many of their videos simply focus on showing off the land and the couple's experiences meeting and greeting local wildlife within the grounds, a video that shows their living room packed with dogs, and a few chickens, has captured the attention of the social media platform.

"The face I make when people say we have too many animals" the caption on the clip reads, opening with a shot of one of the dog moms holding a chicken in her arms and turning to face the camera, before it is revealed that their entire living area is full of dogs of different breeds and sizes lounging over chairs, tables and mattresses on the floor.


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Receiving over 15,000 likes, the video has sparkled a flurry of comments with TikTokers sharing their own experiences living with multiple pets of different species.

"I AM RUNNING to show my husband we are not alone!! 9 dogs, 4 cats, 8 chickens, 4 ducks, a snake, 3 fish… I wouldn’t change it," wrote @jessjl13.

"You can never have too many fur babies," said another commenter.

Many TikTokers stated how pleased they were with how well the dogs were kept and treated despite their large numbers and expressed their love for the pair's idyllic lifestyle. 

"This isn’t home. It's heaven," @thehomezoo_ summarized. 

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