This cheap and easy trick can help combat dog smells in your home

(Image credit: @Aditya Joshi on Unsplash)

Our pups can get pretty pongy. Whether they've been rolling in poop or playing in mud, sometimes dogs can get so smelly they can make your entire house stink too. But one dog owner has shared a simple, cheap, and easy trick to help banish that doggy odor - and it doesn't smell like chemicals or fake florals. 

If you're tired of trying to figure out how to cover up ‘dog smell’ with electronic air fresheners, this trick may be for you. Shared on but first found on Mumsnet, it could save you tons of money on fancy pet-related cleaners and vacuums. 

According to the original poster, her greyhound isn't necessarily smelly, as it doesn't have a lot of fur to retain odors. But even though he is "bathed frequently" with Aloe Vera dog shampoo and "smells nice," there's still an odor issue - particularly on their old carpet in the hallway.

Greyhound lying on a mat

The original poster shared that her greyhound causes an odor issue in the hallway (Image credit: Getty Images)

"We have an old carpet in the hall with fairly deep pile and if she lies on it for 10 minutes the carpet smells. I have a bissel thingy so can shampoo the carpet and it then smells OK. Two hours later she's on the carpet again and it smells," the odor noticer writes.

A commenter provided an ingenious and wildly cheap solution. 

"For airborne smells, try putting bowls of white vinegar in the offending rooms. I use ramekins and put them in the corner of window sills behind the curtains. It's amazing at freshening the air without using chemical smelling cover ups," they suggest. Another commenter agreed with this trick, writing that "vinegar as a room freshener is amazing!"

So, if you've got a dog that's leaving your house smelling less than fresh, grab some white vinegar out of the cupboard and give this trick a try!