Dog imitating owner’s limp racks up £300 vet bill

Russell walking with his dog, Bill, limping
(Image credit: Sky News Australia)

A dog owner who is currently in a cast and on crutches was concerned by his lurcher’s limp and, as any good pet-parent would, took him to the vets to find out what was wrong. Russell paid out £300 in fees for X-rays to find the cause of his dog’s limp.

In the video below, you can see Russell, who is in a leg cast, and his dog Bill, also limping by his side.

However, as it turns out, there’s nothing wrong with this pooch at all, he’s simply copying Russell’s limp by raising one paw off the ground.

Russell was relieved, and a little touched when he found out that his dog was simply imitating his own injured limp since being in a cast. He took to Facebook to share his dog’s hilarious yet adorable behavior, stating “cost me £300 in vet fees and X-rays, nothing wrong just sympathy. Love him”.

One person’s reply was “he’s copying you. That’s brilliant! Though you have my sympathy for the vets bill.”

While this is extraordinarily cute behavior, we’re sure Russell isn’t so touched by the medical costs he’s had to pay. The video has received over two million views with people everywhere commenting on how adorable Bill is.

Sarah Butcher

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