Dog reunited with owner after 10 years will bring a tear to your eye

Dog reunited with owner after 10 years
(Image credit: Facebook / City of San Antonio Animal Care Services)

Everybody loves a good reunion but some are just clearly meant to be! A heartfelt social media post tells the story of Samson the dog reunited with owner Mr C after 10 years apart. 

Shared on Facebook by the City of San Antonio Animal Care Service, here's one tale with a very happy ending. Samson had been missing 10 years, leaving his owner heartbroken. Despite doing everything to find him, the family never did.

About a month ago, the department had taken Samson into their care, along with other stray dogs. He was in a bad condition, dirty and covered in fleas before receiving treatment. 

He was then scanned for a microchip and fortunately, they found one!

"Mr. C was shocked to hear that Samson had been found, and rushed over to ACS,” the department wrote in the caption. “The owner was ecstatic to reunite with Samson after so many years and shed quite a few tears after seeing the pooch. 

‘I wonder if he will still remember me?’ This is the thought that ran through Mr. C’s head as he waited to see Samson for the first time in 10 years.” 

The post is illustrated with tear-jerking pictures of Samson sniffing his owner’s hand during their heart-warming reunion. It’s no surprise this post touched the hearts of many Netizens, generating over 7,900 reactions and comments. 

One Facebook user commented, “If Samson could only talk about what his eyes have seen in the past 10 years! So beautiful that there was a sweet reunion and that Samson is back HOME!” 

While another gushed, “This has me bawling like a baby. I hope we somehow get to see update pics where Samson seems happy and to remember his dad. Love this story’s ending.”

We all love a happy ending, and you can’t get much better than that!

Cynthia Lawrence

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