GPS dog walking app shows pet owners which dogs are friendly or aggressive

dog walking app paway
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With more and more pet owners turning to GPS pet trackers, a new dog walking app is helping pet owners discover dog-friendly routes in their neighborhood.

Called Paway, the app shares real-time safety alerts and neighborhood tips to keep you and your dog safe on walks. The app works by uses real-time crowd sourced data to ensure you always know what’s happening on the sidewalk during dog walks. 

The app will instantly tell you about hazards like coyote sightings, stray dogs and dog fights, or about attractions like hot dog vendors, public water dishes and poop bag dispensers.

A key feature of the app is that it lets you know the temperaments of dogs that are walking near you, including aggressive or leash reactive dogs.

dog walking app paway

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Once you've downloaded the app, you can create a profile for your pooch and indicate how friendly he or she is. 

Paway then maps out the perfect dog walking route for you, connecting you with others along the way, and takes you on a timed loop so get you back right on time.

Yellow indicates a nervous dog, orange means keep your dog away, while red means keep away entirely. The app can also be used to find lost dogs by checking the pet's report card and it can help bring them home in real time. 

If you have a dog walker, the app is particularly handy as a way to track your dog's walks and runs.  You can add multiple caregivers so they can use the app too and they can send reports cards to you. This includes a picture of the dog or dogs in their care, how many miles they walked and how many minutes the dog walk lasted, as well as tracking your dog's toilet habits. 

You can even add in and view any pet care professionals, such as veterinary clinics, grooming facilities, boarding or pet daycare services. 

Fancy discovering it for yourself? Paway's app is free and is compatible with iOS and Android. Pet owners can download it easily from the respective app stores or find further information on the official Paway website. 

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