Dog with a broken paw watches cartoon on TV – and his reaction goes viral

Dog with a broken paw curled up on couch with toys watching TV
(Image credit: Reddit)

It’s always a worry when our furkids become unwell or injured, and it’s not unusual to want to pamper them. This pet parent was no exception, going that little bit extra to comfort their beloved dog with a broken paw. 

In a bid to make him comfortable, they put on some cartoons on TV to entertain him while nursing his paw. But it was his adorable reaction to the cartoon that was entertaining and touched the hearts of viewers.

The video posted on Reddit shows doggo lounging on the sofa, surrounded by his favorite toys, alongside the caption, “He broke his paw so I put on TV he could relate to”. The clip shows doggo watching a cartoon of a fellow pooch in bed talking. Throughout the scene, the dog tilts his head as he watches on, appearing to sympathize with the character.

he_broke_his_paw_so_i_put_on_tv_he_could_relate_to from r/MadeMeSmile

Within just nine hours of posting, this heartwarming reaction to the cartoon garnered over 2,000 upvotes. It also received a flood of comments from gushing netizens. One user posted, “The concerned head tilts while watching and holding bunny is what did it for me.” While another user commented, “This just made my day. Hope he has a speedy recovery.” Another wrote, “He’s a good boy for sure.”

Regardless of their slightly different responses, one thing's clear - this video has definitely made people smile with a ton of Reddit readers saying that watching this doggo's adorable reaction to a cartoon dog in a similar predicament had brightened up their day. While there haven't been any further updates on this cute canine's condition, we share everyone’s sentiments on wishing doggo well, and to have a pawsome recovery!  

Cynthia Lawrence

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