Watch: Dog's reaction to cat returning from vet will melt your heart

Toto and Swiftie sitting on the couch
(Image credit: @vanessa.reads/TikTok)

A heartwarming video showing the moment a dog is reunited with his sister cat has gone viral with netizens around the world falling head over heels in love with the pup and his enthusiastic reaction to having his best fur friend home again. 

Receiving more than 750,000 views since it was posted to TikTok earlier this month, the cute footage shows Swiftie the kitty being brought through the door in a carrier after a trip to the vet.

But before she and her human can even enter the house, little Toto can be seen wagging his tail eagerly at the door as he waits to greet his buddy. 

Captioned with the words "our dog was so concerned when we took our cat to the vet," close to 200 people have commented on the sweet moment with many saying it's one of the most adorable things they've ever seen. 


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"We need more videos of them together!!," with another adding "I love you sister I love you so much. 🥰🥰🥰🥰 So sweet." 

Many have also shared similar experiences with one user writing "My little dog is friends with a neighborhood cat. I don't know the cats name, so I call her kittyfriend. They are always so excited to see each other," and another saying "Aw 😂🥹 My sister’s dog Rosie is the same with every cat sibling she’s had."

While most of the comments were positive, a few people were concerned that perhaps the fur friendship is one-sided, with one person commenting that "the cat could care less 😭."

Thankfully, the pairs human parent, Vanessa, was quick to set the record straight, stating "Ha! Usually they play together all day. She loves sleeping in our dog’s kennel and is super attached to him, so I think he was confused 🥺" 

While Swiftie may have not quite given Toto the reaction he was hoping for (we blame the shots she had to have at the vet), a follow up video posted the next day shows the two happily sat together on the couch as their mom delivers the good news that they've just gone viral. 


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We can't wait to see more of Toto and Swiftie's adorable friendship and hope these videos are the first of many. 

Kathryn Williams
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