Fish bites cat in hilarious video that sees curious kitty going back for more

Fish bites cat
(Image credit: AnimalsBeingJerks/Reddit)

Fish bites cat is not the kind of headline you see every day and yet that’s exactly what happened when a curious little grey and white feline decided to stick their paw into a fish tank.

In the amusing video uploaded to Reddit, the adorable kitty can be seen sitting beside a tank containing a large fish. Deciding to say hello, the cat draws closer before sticking its paw into the water.

Before the inquisitive little feline has much of a chance to investigate, the fish leaps out of the water and bites its paw. Fairly unperturbed, the cat responds by calmly licking the paw before deciding to head back in for another go.

Once bitten, twice shy? Clearly not for this plucky little moggy! While we don’t get to see what happened in round two of the pair facing off we have a feeling that, if the look in the eyes of the very alert fish is anything to go by, the fearless feline probably ended up meeting the same fate.

fish_biting_a_cat from r/AnimalsBeingJerks

Upvoted 3,500 times, the clip has proved a hit with neitezans, with one Reddit user writing “Brings a whole new meaning to "Meow Mix". “Guess you can say the kitty got.... Catfished!” another quipped. 

But not everyone is happy about the footage with a lot of people expressing concern about a fish of that size being kept in such a small tank. That fish needs to be in a tank 100x this size unless that's a tank specifically for quarantine,” said one user with several more echoing the sentiment. 

Others were more focused on the length of the 15 second clip and being left in suspense with one neitezan saying “Whyyyyy is this video so short? I wanted to see when the kitty learned its lesson!”

Let’s hope for this adorable little feline’s sake that it did learn its lesson and that this wasn’t an example of a time when curiosity killed the cat! 

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