Watch the beautiful moment a daddy Pit Bull meets his puppies for the first time

Daddy Pit Bull meets his puppies for the first time
(Image credit: @tu_muneca/TikTok)

We’re not going to lie - watching the moment a daddy Pit Bull meets his puppies for the first time in a heartwarming TikTok video has got us more than a little teary eyed! And given all the love this clip has gotten, it’s clear we’re not the only ones.

Shared on TikTok last week, the short video shows a mama Pit Bull named Blue and a papa Bit Bull named Kilo snuggled up with eight little puppies who were born the day before.

As Blue gently licks one of the puppies, Kilo wakes up from his sleep and helps her to clean their little one, showing a great deal of tenderness and love, which their owner Stephanie was quick to share with the world. 

"When everyone tells you to not let daddy meet the pups until four weeks but you're raised with love and are the sweetest boy,” the caption reads. "Met them on the second day, amazes me that every time he hears them crying he runs to see what's wrong and helps mommy lick them clean."


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While some people feel it’s unsafe to bring mom, dad and puppies together so soon, Stephanie stands by  her decision.

He's a super sweet boy and [I was] very confident he would be gentle enough,” she explains. “People are usually scared of how mom would react (aka get vicious), but both of my pit bulls are HUGE sweethearts."

And it turns out that letting this family be together was the right decision with Stephanie saying that Kilo has taken beautifully to parenthood. “He's a very good dad.”

Viewed more than 37,000 times and with thousands of likes and comments, the video has clearly struck a chord with Pit Bull lovers around the world with one user writing “omg my heart ❤ I now know why I love animals more than some humans,” and another adding “awwwww so sweet.”

As for whether or not Kilo should have been allowed to meet his puppies so soon, netizens are in agreement that Stephanie made the right call. “If mamma is letting him near you know she trusts him, always trust a dogs judgement they are rarely wrong, beautiful fur family 🥰,” wrote one TikToker.

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