Four-year old protection dog handler could be America's youngest dog trainer

youngest dog trainer
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Most kids are happy playing with toys but one badass toddler who loves training protection dogs might just be the youngest dog trainer in the U.S.

Four-year-old Kennedy helps her parents Steve Cabral and Ariana Santiago train a team of elite guard dogs at Fine Line Family K9. Based in Florida, the company specialises in dogs that can become family pets, but can also turn on the aggression at a moment’s notice to ward off intruders.

"Fine Lines started with the sense that I wanted to have protection dogs that were good with families," co-founder and dad Steve explained. "The thing that really makes us different is we are a family that's doing it. A lot of people will call and they'll say 'Is the dog good with kids?' 

"Well I can say yes, 100% our dog is good with kids because we have kids here that are playing with the dogs, that are sticking their fingers in their ears and playing with the dogs rough."

Despite playful appearances, the dedicated canines, including German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, all receive elite training on their way to becoming working dogs, helped along by the couple's dog doting daughter. Kennedy helps the business by feeding the dogs, walking them through agility courses, and training them to take down decoys on attack commands.

The dogs are trained so that they are they friendly to pet and play with but one instruction can turn them into protective guard dogs at a moment's notice and Kennedy has it mastered. The savvy four-year-old can immediately send her favorite dog Tasha after intruders using a mere command.

"Tasha's my favorite dog because she's sweet and she's really a good dog. I am never scared of the dogs," the family's youngest dog trainer said. "I'm the best dog trainer in this world!"

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