Got an indoor kitty? Here are three expert-approved ways to banish boredom

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Disclaimer: Unless specifically stated, any expert comments quoted in this news piece have been taken directly from the video cited below.

Do you have a kitty that lives indoors? If so, you always run the risk of boredom setting in.

Unlike their outdoor-dwelling feline friends, indoor cats don't have the same level of access to environmental stimulation and enrichment.

That's where understanding how to entertain indoor cats can come in handy.

Not only is plenty of stimulation vital for your cat's physical health, it's also crucial for their mental wellbeing. 

Below, the kitty-crazy team over at Cats Protection has put together a handy TikTok video sharing three ideas for ways you can provide your beloved bundle of fluff with everything they need to stay fit and well.

Let's take a look...


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"It's important that cats without access to the outdoors are still able to express their natural behaviors," explains the team at Cats Protection.

"This might include hunting, playing, and climbing up high. Enrichment is a term used to describe additional activities we can provide our cats to help them express these behaviors."

Here are three enrichment ideas the Cats Protection team recommend: 

  1. Use a puzzle feeder: "Puzzle feeders are a great way to stimulate your cat's brain while feeding and you can even make your own."
  2. Fishing rod-style toys: "Ideally ones with a feathered end, as these are great for mimicking a cats' prey. They allow cats to stalk and pounce and are a great source of energy."
  3. Cardboard boxes: "For indoor cats, we can also enrich their living environment with things like cardboard box tunnels or towers, or you could even grow cat grass for them to sniff, nibble, and interact with."

Providing stimulation and enrichment for your indoor cat needn't be expensive — you can get super creative with lots of common items you'll likely already have at home.

Think cardboard boxes, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, string, textured paper, wool, and ribbon can all make life indoors that much more exciting for your feline friend.

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