This luxe Hermès dog bowl just hit shelves and it oozes sophistication

Hermès dog bowl
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The Hermès dog bowl may have just launched but already it’s causing quite the stir amongst pet parents thanks to its high-quality craftsmanship, sophisticated look and impressive price tag. 

Made from stunning oak wood and assembled using barrel-making techniques, it features two removable stainless steel bowls and measures 10.8-inches in length and 6.9-inches in width with a height of 3.3 inches. There’s also a set of central magnets that can be separated to create two individual bowls.

Choosing slabs of wood from oak trees that have been growing for over 90 years, the team at Hermès have then put the wood through the same process that would be undergone to make a cask or barrel to hold spirits.

Warming the wood over a fire that reaches temperatures of 300℉ until it’s pliable enough to be bent into shape. The base for the bowl is then returned to the fire to crystalize the natural sugars in the wood before being sanded for a sleek and smooth finish.

Hermès dog bowl

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While the dog bowl is made in France, like most of Hermès products, it’s one of the few where the influence of the fashion house’s Chaîne d’Ancre motif is clearly visible in the design with the bowl adopting the same elongated figure-eight shape.

And if you’re starting to think that all this love and care likely filters down into the price, you’d be right, because if you want your doggy to be eating and drinking out of the Hermès dog bowl you’ll need to be prepared to part with an eye-watering $1,125. One for the Christmas wish list perhaps? 

Whether you’re window shopping or looking to bag your doggy a designer bowl, you can check it out along with a range of other pet accessories over at

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