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Hurricane Ida: Animal shelters evacuate cats and dogs out of Louisiana

Operation Kindness is saving pets from Hurricane Ida
(Image credit: Operation Kindness)

With Hurricane Ida causing havoc across the state of Louisiana, great efforts have been put in place to safeguard human life, with many being evacuated in the wake of the onslaught.

But what is less documented is the work going on to ensure that those who can’t as easily remove themselves from the situation are taken out of harm’s way. Animal shelters around the country are rallying around to help out pets based in Louisiana. Rescue efforts have been based around either helping out existing shelters, or providing medical aid to pets that have been injured in the hurricane and require treatment.

One such organization who have been lending a helping hand is the Dallas-based Operation Kindness. According to their Facebook page, they have taken in 51 animals fleeing Hurricane Ida, ranging in age from two months to 16 years, from their Louisiana shelter partner, Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter.

Underlining their commitment to rescuing these animals, the group’s chosen mode of transport was to transfer the pets by coach, which is typically an 8-hour journey on a good day. 

You've got to admire the lengths gone to in order to rescue the shelter’s 20 dogs and 31 cats. While they are far from the only organization helping out the animals that have been caught in Hurricane Ida’s path, it’s impossible not to feel anything other than admiration for their actions. These animals can’t help themselves, so it’s great that someone else is going so far out of their way to look out for them.

If you are based in Texas and would like to adopt one of the new transfers, why not visit the Operation Kindness website? That way, you too can do your bit for one of the animals impacted by these recent cataclysmic events.

Steve Wright

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