Internet influencers are rebranding the Pit Bull - here are 5 accounts you need to follow

A very happy, smiling, brown pit bull wearing a red bandana
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Internet influencers are rebranding the Pit Bull and it’s an overhaul that’s long overdue with Pit Bull’s having endured decades of living with an unfair reputation that has seen them labeled them as aggressive and dangerous.

An incredibly loyal and loving dog, the Pit Bull suffers regular abuse and mistreatment because of a stereotype that has it pegged as a violent breed that needs to be avoided.

But, thankfully, dog lovers and celebrities alike are starting to push back on the wealth of misinformation that swirls around this sweet breed in the hope that the discrimination these pups suffer on a daily basis will soon be a thing of the past.

One such influencer is TikToker Isaac Brown, who has amassed over half a million followers on his account @poor.xena where he shares videos of his canine companion Xena, who he adopted in 2015. 

Brown is well aware of the PR problem that Pit Bulls have, something the animal welfare organization PETA puts down to how often these pups are used in dog fights. And yet Pit Bulls have a Temperament Index of 87.4%, higher than that of a Golden Retriever.

“Despite the enormous behavioral diversity among pitbulls, they are often stereotyped as dangerous,” says animal behavior specialist Dr. Pamela Reid, vice president of the behavioral sciences team at ASPCA. That’s despite the fact that Pit Bulls are less likely to bite people than Dachshunds and Chihuahuas.

This stereotype has created a lot of fear amongst the public, something that Brown notices whenever he’s out with Xena. If I walk down the street with Xena, people cross the street and walk on the other side until they pass me,” says Brown. 

It’s for this reason that Brown decided he needed to open a TikTok account. “I took it upon myself to show that this dog isn’t like the stereotype or what you see on the news. It was to show people how sweet and funny Xena is, and that the way you raise your dog is extremely important.”

And while it’s early days for Brown and Xena, the former NFL player has big plans for the duo “I would love to shoot her in a movie, go on talk shows, put her right in front of the world,” he says. “Xena and I will be broadcasting to as many people as possible, so that the world can see that PitBulls are not a race of monsters.” They are loving.

To help Brown spread the word, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Pit Bull accounts that you need to follow. Trust us, they’re adorable!

1. @roofusandkilo

This family of 4 humans, 6 adopted and rescued dogs, 5 chickens, 1 tortoise, and an ever rotating cast of fosters is bound to put a smile on your dial. The dogs are always up to something, so their shenanigans are definitely guaranteed to keep you entertained!

2. @thewhitestpupsyouknow

Beebs is a Staffy/Lab mix who loves to pose for the camera alongside his siblings Stache and Jax and boy oh boy are this lot photogenic!

3. @Lexy_the_Elderbull

Originally the account for Lexi, who died a year ago from cancer, it's now full of photo's of the families latest Pit Bull, Caper, a senior dog who arrived at a local shelter as a stray. After suffering serious separation anxiety, Casper is now thriving after a wonderful year spent in his forever home.

4. @morileymoproblems

A Pit Bull and a Chihuahua who spend their days hugging the heck out of each other? Enough said!

5. @smilingbrinks

This little dude seriously never stops smiling, so if you're in need of an extra dose of joy in your day, this is most definitely the account for you.

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