Krispy Kreme launches Doggie Doughnuts and it's the perfect sweet treat this National Dog Day

Shih Tzu sat beside box of Krispy Kreme Doggie Doughnuts
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Baked in a limited batch, your pup won’t want to miss getting their paws on one of the mouth-watering Krispy Kreme Doggie Doughnuts  that the brand is rolling out on National Dog Day this Friday - because once they’re gone, they’re gone!

While the best dog treats are a great way of spoiling your pup throughout the year, sometimes a little something special is in order, and with a group of hand-picked canine testers giving these doughnuts the big paws up, we have a feeling that gifting your fur friend one of these is sure to win you some serious pet parent points.

Released by Krispy Kreme (opens in new tab) in the US for the first time ever, the doggy doughnuts come in packs of six and are available while stocks last in participating shops beginning this Friday 26th August.

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Made from whole wheat flour and peanut butter, the doughnuts feature natural coloring from beetroot and turmeric and include carob, a chocolate substitute that’s safe for dogs.

Made by Australian-based artisan baked pet treat company, Huds and Toke, the doughnuts are inspired by your favorite Krispy Kreme flavors, including chocolate cookie, strawberry sprinkles, and chocolate cheesecake.

“Our dogs have given us so much love and comfort to help us through these last couple of years. They deserve this special treat,” said Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer for Krispy Kreme.

Just one word of caution - the doggie doughnuts are baked to a firm texture to appeal to dogs that like to chew and while they’re designed to soften the longer they’re sucked on, senior dogs with fragile teeth may find them difficult to chew at first. 

That one small issue aside, pups around the country are counting down the days until they can get their paws on the most coveted doggy treat of the year, so head on down to your local Krispy Kreme store on Friday and make this National Dog Day the best one yet for your furry friend. 

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