Pet parent shares touching moment her Labrador comforted Prince Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan pet a golden retriever at Windsor Castle
(Image credit: Twitter / Sarah Gracie)

It's been a hard week for the Royal Family following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, but amid all the public mourning there have been some heartwarming moments along the way, too.

Prince Harry and Meghan, like so many members of the Royal Family, are dedicated dog-lovers who've adopted a number of rescue pups in recent years. 

Harry and Meghan's dogs include a black Labrador Retriever named Pula and Beagle called Guy, and more recently they adopted Mamma Mia, a seven-year-old rescue Beagle. 

So it's no great surprise to learn that when they spotted a well-wisher's Labrador at Windsor Castle this week, they wasted no time in going over to give him a good old pet.

His name's Louis, and his human, Sarah Gracie, had taken him along to Windsor Castle with her as she paid her respects to the Queen, and they happened to be there just as Harry and Meghan were out on a walkabout and greeting well-wishers. 

But what she didn't expect was just how taken the royals were with her pup, and they both paused to give a clearly delighted Louis some welcome attention.

Harry and Meghan meet Louis the Labrador

(Image credit: Twitter / Sarah Gracie)

Labradors are intelligent and affectionate dogs, so it's no surprise just how well Louis took to being petted by royals, and Sarah's shots of Louis having his own little royal encounter have quickly gone viral and attracted plenty of admiring comments.

Sarah says, "We witnessed a really beautiful moment at such a difficult time for them. Louis had the best day and is at his happiest when he is being cuddled, petted and surrounded by people."

And as you can see, Louis hasn't let his brush with royalty and sudden social fame go to his head. He's back home now, dreaming of treats and cuddles.

Jim McCauley

Jim is a writer, performer and cat-wrangler based in Bath, who last year adopted a pair of sibling rescue cats who turned out to be effectively feral, and has spent a lot of time since then trying to get them accustomed to people (some success) and each other (ongoing project).