Meet the breeder whose Micro-Bully puppies sell for a jaw-dropping $10,000

Two Micro-Bully puppies
(Image credit: YouTube/Beastly)

Micro-Bully puppies are quickly becoming the hip new canine on the block, but before you get too excited, let’s get one thing clear - these miniature Pit Bulls do not come cheap, just ask breeder Mino Kerouani.

Owner of KeBully Kennels in Naples, Italy, Kerouani has been breeding Micro-Bullies for 12 years and describes them as a dog that is luxurious, delicate and in demand.

“I travel all around the world. I sell dogs all around the world. So, when I sell the dogs, I bring by myself to the customer, you know. A couple of years ago, all the people they want pocket and standard Bully, now all they want is micro’s.”

So, what is it about this little dog that attracts a whopping $10,000 price tag? Well, Kerouani has the answer and it’s all down to his high standards.

“I have only quality Bully, that’s why they are expensive. I bred one of the first Micro-Bully in Europe. I lost count of how many litters I’ve got each year. I’ve got a lot”

And if you’re skeptical about shelling out $10,000, rest assured that Kerounai has the trophies and awards to prove he’s the real deal, having received accolades from all around the world for his breeding practices.

Customer service is also incredibly important to Kerouani and is what sets him apart from a lot of other breeders. “I build a relationship with my customers, so if they need anything or they need help, I’m here, you know. I always want to check in on them and see how they are doing.”

With customers all over the world, Kerouani has no plans to give up breeding Micro-Bullies any time soon. “Yeah, I am very proud of my work, of my job. I love my dogs. In the future, I want to be the best. I want to be the best breeder in the world.”

Kathryn Rosenberg
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