Meet Dios the lilac Bully, a prized canine who’s built like a tank

Dios the lilac Bully being held by his owner Aaron Oliver
(Image credit: Beastly/YouTube)

Dios the lilac Bully has a physique to rival a bodybuilder and it’s this muscular look that’s ensuring he maintains his prized position on the breeding circuit. The short, heavy set Dios is the beloved companion of proud pet parent Aaron Oliver, who is the founder of Elite Bullies UK.

And while you’d be forgiven for thinking the fit and healthy Dios exercises for hours a day to stay in shape, it’s quite the opposite. “Dios is a pocket Bully, he’s a top-end pocket. We only exercise him for like 10 minutes a day, no matter what you do with him he’ll still look like he’s a fitness freak,” Oliver explains.

Having acquired Dios in 2014, he was the first lilac Bully to come to the UK from America and Oliver describes him as having the best temperament you could ever wish for in a dog. “He’s a bit of a legend really, but most of all, he’s my best friend,” he says with a big smile.

While the average price for an American Bully in the UK is £3,500, Dios commands a stud fee of £4,000 thanks to him having such a well known and respected reputation throughout Europe. And it’s not just his exterior quality that allows Oliver to charge more for Dios, it’s also the outstanding care Oliver shows his dogs that ensure they are some of the happiest and healthiest Bullies around.

“All my dogs eat what a human would eat, so if I won’t eat it, the dogs won’t eat it. I believe that you get out what you put into them. So that’s why we’ll go to the supermarket and they’ll have beef,” he explains. “I’d probably say I spend about £80 a week on a rough estimate.” It’s clear that the meals Dios dines on gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘best dog food'!

Oliver believes that Dios is one of the best producing dogs in England, with his pups being able to be easily identified with a quick glance. “He’s cloned very similar looking dogs to himself.” It’s clear from listening to Oliver talk that he can’t get enough of his canine companions. 

“The American Bully has got an amazing personality, for me, it’s the ultimate companion breed of all dogs. They just want to be loved, pampered and play. Basically they want to be by your side 24/7. I imagine life without the dogs would be quiet and peaceful, but it’s just never going to happen” 

And while Dios is in hot demand, Oliver is clear he’s not for sale. “We did receive a six digit offer for him and we just said no. Yeah, the money’s nice but I couldn’t do that to him, he’s priceless."

Kathryn Williams
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