Moet the blind cat’s cute wake-up call to owner goes viral

Moet the blind cat is a persian cat with no eyes
(Image credit: Moetblindcat)

Posted on ‘Moetblindcat’ account, the short clip starts off with the caption, “you won’t believe what this blind cat does to wake up mom at 3am every day.” It then shows the beautiful, Persian cat wandering into a room and squeaking a few times. Although, barely audible, the squeaks are just the cutest! It’s no surprise that this clip quickly went viral, garnering over 30k views and getting shared over 48k times. 


♬ original sound - Sarah Cothran

Moet the blind cat was rescued from a pet shop in Oman, where the conditions were terrible for the animals. Moet lived in a dirty cage with not much food, water or even a bed to sleep in. She eventually caught flu from another cat and became very sick. As she got weaker, her eyes started to become infected, until one day her world became a complete blur and eventually she eventually lost her sight completely. 

Just in the nick of time, she awoke to commotion in the shop, and was taken out of her dirty living conditions by animal rescuers. They took her to a safe place, fed her well, gave her a bed and showered her with much-needed love. Sadly, Moet’s eyes became so severely infected that they had to be surgically removed. However, after her recovery, Moet became stronger, more energetic and was able to live her best life. In another stroke of luck, she met her pet parent mom, six days after her surgery. The bond was immediate and she was soon living in her new forever home.  Such a happy ending for Moet the blind cat who has the cutest wake-up call you will ever hear!

Cynthia Lawrence

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