National Black Cat Day: What it is and how to get involved

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National Black Cat Day is the purr-fect time to do away with all those crazy superstitions that these felines are symbols of witchcraft or bad luck and start seeing them as the elegant and affectionate little creatures that they are.

While it's true that black cats are often viewed as being a sign of impending doom, in some corners of the world, they're actually considered to be good luck. In the South of France, for example, people believe that a black cat that’s treated well and respected will bestow good fortune on whoever owns it.

It’s a similar story in England, where sailors have long believed that keeping black cats happy ensures fair weather when they’re out at sea. The wives of English fishermen also believe that a black cat kept inside the house will make sure their husbands return home safely.

So although they often have to pad through life with the stereotype that they're bad luck hanging over their heads, thankfully some cultures have recognised them for the loving and playful kitties that they are. 

With National Black Cat Day here once gain, there's never been a better time to celebrate these little beauties in all of their glory, because while they may be as dark as coal, they have personalities that are as sweet as sugar.

To help you figure out how you can get involved, here’s everything you need to know about this special annual event.....

What is National Black Cat Day?

While in countries such as Scotland, England, and Japan, the black cat is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity, in most parts of the Western world, black cats are still associated with negative connotations. 

Sadly, the black cat's unfortunate reputation as being unlucky means that they experience lower rates of adoption and higher rates of euthanization compared to all other cat breeds.

But fear not, because that’s exactly what brought National Black Cat Day into existence, an annual event that aims to eliminate the stigma surrounding these magnificent creatures.

What day is National Black Cat Day?

National Black Cat Day is celebrated on the 27th of October each year - in 2022, that date falls on a Thursday.

How can you get involved on National Black Cat Day?

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Whether you own a black cat or just love them to pieces, there are several ways you can get in on all the National Black Cat Day spirit. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Show off your black cat on social media

If you’re the proud pet parent of one of these little beauties, then why not spend the day showing them off on social media? Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok, you can upload photos and videos of your feline to raise awareness of this important event. Just make sure you hashtag your entries with reference to National Black Cat Day.

2. Adopt a black cat

According to PETA, black cats are two-thirds less likely than white cats to be adopted and 50% less likely than tabby cats to find a new home, so if you’re in a position to do so, why not head down to your local animal shelter and welcome your very own Sylvester into the family.

3. Have a black cat TV marathon

From Salem in Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Bagheera in the Jungle Book to Snowball in the Simpsons and Lucifer in Cinderella, there are more than enough TV shows and movies featuring black cats to keep you entertained for the day.

4. Get baking

If you find being in the kitchen therapeutic, why not whip up a batch of DIY cat treats? You can either spoil your own kitty or cash in on Halloween and make some homemade Halloween cat treats that you can sell with the profits going to your local animal shelter.

What’s the difference between National Black Cat Day and National Black Cat Appreciation Day?

Not a lot! National Black Cat Appreciation Day is held on August 17th and is basically just another day where we get to celebrate our furry black friends. Because, let’s face it, these little guys need all the love they can get.

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