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Pets have been a lockdown “lifesaver”, says Pets at Home

Pets at home dog wearing mask
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According to the UK’s largest specialist pet care retailer, Pets at Home, animals have proved themselves to be “a lifesaver” throughout lockdown. 

Peter Pritchard, the Chief Executive of Pets at Home, told the BBC’s Today programme that people’s pets have played “an incredibly important role” through lockdown and helped to ease the social loneliness that came with it. 

Since Pets at Home is categorised as an essential retailer, they have been permitted to stay open during lockdown. During the six months up until the 8 October, the retailer’s revenues rose by just over 5%.

"The pet care market has been incredibly strong throughout and I think that tells you an awful lot about people's relationships with their pets and the roles that pets play in people's lives”, explained Pritchard. 

In the beginning of the first lockdown, one of the few reasons people were allowed to leave their homes was to walk their dog. 

Not only that, since so many people were required to work from home, it gave them the opportunity to introduce a new furry friend to the family. Pets at Home revealed that membership of their Puppy & Kitten Club for new owners had also risen by a quarter during those six months. 

Chloe Petrylak

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