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Cyber Monday Amazon pet deals 2021: Don't miss these bargains!

Cyber Monday Amazon pet deals
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The Cyber Monday Amazon pet deals are here, so if you missed out on Black Friday be sure to grab these bargains for your furry or feathery bestie before they disappear. 

To save you the hard work, we’ve compiled a list of the best Cyber Monday savings we can find and we’ll be adding more throughout today and into next week as well. Whether you’re shopping for food, beds, toys, habitats or accessories, you’ll find the best savings that the online giant has to offer right here.

Keep in mind that retailers, including Amazon, are warning that 2021 could see stock shortages and limited availability. We recommend jumping on any deals that catch your eye as soon as they land to avoid missing out or waiting a long time for your item to be available again.

There will likely be additional price cuts and flash sales as the week carries on, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly. PetsRadar will be updating this page with the best Early Cyber Monday Amazon pet deals as they appear.

Best deals Amazon US

Best Cyber Monday Amazon pet deals in the US

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Petkit Pura X Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box
RRP: $799.00 | Now: $599.00 | Save: $200.00 (25%) (opens in new tab)
Compatible with multiple cat litters this self-cleaning litter box is suitable for all kinds of litters including plant and bentonite (excluding crystal litters) and features a purifying liquid that removes unpleasant odors and formaldehyde. It’s a good fit for cats up to 18lbs and measures 19.84 x 20.94 x 25.42 inches, with an entrance diameter of 8.66 inches. It’s max capacity is 5L cylinder box with a 7L collection bin.

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Purina Pro Plan LiveClear With Probiotics Allergen Reducing Dry Cat Food
RRP:$72.98 | Now: $58.98 | Save: $14.00 (19%) (opens in new tab)
This Purina Pro Plan LiveClear Kitten food is the first and only kitten food that reduces cat allergens by safely neutralizing Fel d 1, the major allergen in cat saliva, with a key protein from eggs. This significantly reduces the major allergen in cat hair and dander by 47%. Safe and nutritious, this rice and chicken kitten food is fortified with guaranteed live probiotics to maintain digestive and immune health.

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Save over 70%!

Beewarm Flopping Fish Cat Toy with Catnip Bag
RRP: $29.99 | Now: $13.99 | Save: $16.00 (53%) (opens in new tab)
Perfect for biting, chewing and chasing; this fish cat toy flops or wags automatically and is charged via a USB cable. To add to your cat’s enjoyment the toy is stuffed with catmint that can make your cat excited and relieve stress. It’s made of cotton and short plush that will be kind on your kitty’s paws.

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REPTI ZOO Reptile Sand Stainless Steel Litter Cleaner Corner Scoop
RRP: $22.99 | Now: $14.99 | Save: $8.00 (35%) (opens in new tab)
Specially designed with dense holes for cleaning reptile excrement or corners of the reptile terrarium easily, this scoop is manufactured from stainless steel material. It’s perfect for tortoises, lizards, spiders, snakes, scorpions, chameleons, frogs and reptiles and measures 11"(L) x 3.9"(W) x 2.3"(H).

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Save $126!

DEStar Heavy Duty PE Rattan Wicker Pet Dog Cage
RRP: $329.99 | Now: $269.99 | Save: $60.00 (18%) (opens in new tab)
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this unique and attractive PE wicket crate will blend in perfectly with any home decor. It measures 44”L x 29”W x 32”H, making it suitable for dogs of all sizes and the tough, PE rattan wicker will prove durable even against the most aggressive and determined of chewers.

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Kurgo Loft Jacket Dog Coat
RRP: $39.99 | Now: $29.95 | Save: $10.04 (25%)
(opens in new tab)Your dog will be strutting out in style in this reversible, reflective, and adjustable coat that’s lightweight and water-resistant. Highly visible and able to be worn with a harness, it’s great for those early morning or late night walks or runs and it’s machine washable to make cleaning a breeze.

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VIVOHOME Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Pet Fence Playpen
RRP: $382.99 | Now: $259.99 | Save: $123.00 (32%) (opens in new tab)
Crafted with high quality black powder-coated metal tubes and panels, the VIVOHOME Pet Playpen is highly rust-resistant and weather-proof. This playpen is both durable and long-lasting; It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and is lightweight but sturdy. Dimension of each panel: 31.5” x 23.6” (W x H). Dimension of each door: 12” x 16.3” (W x H).

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Pat Your Pet Deshedding Brush
RRP: $27.99 | Now: $12.65 | Save: $15.34 (55%) (opens in new tab)
The dual design of this deshedding brush is great for use on both cats and dogs with the 9-teeth side offering smooth demating and the 17-teeth side being great for coat thinning and deshedding. The rounded teeth are gentle on skin and the easy-grip handle means you can handle even the toughest knots with ease.

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DogRook Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar - Humane, No Shock Barking Collar
RRP: $72.97 | Now: $33.96 | Save: $39.01 (53%)
(opens in new tab)This humane bark collar will help decrease your dog’s unwanted barking using 5 safe stages of sound (beeps) and vibration which increase automatically after each bark. It charges in about 2-3 hours and will last for around 14 days on 1 charge. Suitable for dogs weighing 11 to 110 lbs with neck size of 9 to 22 inches

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Polame Pet Water Fountain
RRP: $39.99 | Now: $29.99 | Save: $10.00 (25%) (opens in new tab)
This whisper-quiet stainless steel drinking fountain has a 2.5L/84oz water capacity and three different flow modes to encourage your pet to drink. The triple filtration system removes dirt, hair, and debris, ensuring clean and fresh water is always available. It's also easy to clean and features and LED light that will ensure you don't trip over it in the night!  

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PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps

RRP: $62.99 | Now: $35.95 | Save: $27.04 (43%) (opens in new tab)

Give your pets a safe boost for cuddle time. These steps can hold up to 150 lbs and come in tan and grey colors. The lightweight steps are also sturdy, featuring built-in side rails and non-skid feet. 

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Nutro Ultra Adult Dry Dog Food

RRP: $39.99 | Now: $24.98 | Save: $15.01 (38%) (opens in new tab)

This 15 lb. bag of Nutro Ultra offers quality ingredients for your dog. It contains high-quality protein and a blend of 15 ingredients such as coconut, chia, kale, and blueberries.

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All for Paws Dog Anxiety Sleep Aid Plush Toy

RRP: $21.99 | Now: $15.35 | Save: $6.64 (30%) (opens in new tab)

This adorable plush toy provides a soothing pulse intended for animals who experience anxiety or loneliness. It is a great gift for any dog or cat, and great for young animals in particular. 

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JanYoo Bed for Chinchillas Hedgehogs & Guinea Pigs

RRP: $21.99 | Now: $19.99 | Save: $2.00 (9%) (opens in new tab)

Give your tiny furry friends a delightfully cozy hideout to rest their small heads. These cozy beds are super soft and are available in several whimsical styles.

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Save 39%

Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel Bed

RRP: $37.99 | Now: $23.09 | Save: $14.90 (39%) (opens in new tab)

This two-in-one tunnel and bed is ideal for your kitty's oscilating needs to explore or snuggle. It is currently the number one bestselling cat play tunnel on Amazon, so snag up this easy-to-assemble item while you can. 

Best deals Amazon UK

Best Cyber Monday Amazon pet deals in the UK

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Kurgo Dog Backpack for Hiking, Walking, Running, Camping
RRP:£58.31 | Now: £38.99 | Save: £19.32 (33%) (opens in new tab)
Light and comfortable, this durable backpack for dogs offers double-sided storage with plenty of room for all your furry friend’s essentials, including food, treats, doggie bags, water and travel bowls. It also features an extra-large handle for control or for helping your dog over obstacles. Baxter size is for dogs 30-85 lbs and fits 3.75 L; Big Baxter size is for dogs 50-110 lbs and fits 7.5 L

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Tractive GPS Cat Tracker with Custom Cat Collar
RRP:£44.99 | Now: £29.99 | Save: £15.00 (33%) (opens in new tab)
Ever wondered what your cat gets up to when they go out? Tractive GPS Cat Tracker offers live tracking of your cat’s adventures with update every 2-3 seconds directly on your phone or in your web browser. The Tractiv app shows the current position of your your cat along with all their favourite places via the heatmap mode.

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Feliway Friends 30 Day Starter Kit Diffuser and Refill, 48 ml
RRP:£41.61 | Now: £17.77 | Save: £23.84 (57%) (opens in new tab)
Feliway is the no1, clinically proven cat behavioural product. It produces a synthetic copy of a cat-appeasing pheromone that a mother-cat naturally releases to her kittens after birth. This helps the kittens to  feel safe and it has the same effect on adult cats, meaning anxious cats are instantly soothed and reassured.

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Iris Ohyama, Indoor dog / puppy playpen with base
RRP:£139.99 | Now: £104.99 | Save: £35.00 (25%) (opens in new tab)
This crate/cage is ideal for use with puppies or small dogs and comes complete with pet pad trays and absorbent mats for use when toilet training. It has a lockable sliding door and the epoxy coating leaves it free of sharp edges and resistant to chewing. It’s simple to assemble and disassemble, making it easy to transport. Dimensions: 78.8 x 113 x 60 cm

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Ferplast comfortable ferret and mice cage
RRP:£160.55 | Now: £113.70 | £46.85 (29%) (opens in new tab)
This multi-level habitat is suitable for mice, hamsters and other small mammals and comes with a number of useful accessories including a steel bowl, drinking bottle and a hammock. The detachable base is constructed from easy-to-clean thermoplastic resin and the cage also features an opening front hatch and liftable roof for easy access to your pet. It comes in a variety of sizes to suit your pet’s size.

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MjAMjAM - Premium wet food for cats
RRP:£10.50 | Now: £8.90 | £1.60 (15%) (opens in new tab)
This complete wet cat food boasts an extra high proportion of meat, essential vitamins and minerals and is completely grain free. MjAMjAM food mainly use ingredients that come from regional farms are also free from cereals, gluten, sugar, synthetic preservatives and lactose. This pack contains three different varieties including; Hearty venison & rabbit with fruity blueberries, Tender duck & poultry with tasty carrots and Good turkey with steamed pumpkin.

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Tyrol Blue/Back Tower Rodent Cage
RRP:£91.46 | Now: £69.09 | £22.37 (24%) (opens in new tab)
A vertical cage offer a generous living space for pet rodents featuring 3 platforms with adjustable heights, 3 ladders, a feeding bottle, 4 wheels on the base and a bowl. Comes with a plastic pull-out drawer and 2 doors, can be closed with a latch. Dimensions: 64 x 44 x 93 cm.

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PetSafe New Wall Entry Dog and Cat Door
RRP: £137.53 | Now: £94.99 | Save: £42.54 (31%) (opens in new tab)
The PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door gives your pet the freedom to go in and out on their own time. It installs easily in all types of interior and exterior walls and a cut-out template and step-by-step instructions are included. The double-flap provides weatherproofing and energy efficiency, and a slide-in closing panel adds extra insulation when your pet is not using it.

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Bedsure Dog Bed Sofa Extra Large
RRP: £67.99 | Now: £55.24 | Save: £12.75 (19%) (opens in new tab)
Crafted from orthopedic foam, this bed is ideal for helping to relieve the joint pain that many larger breed dogs struggle with. The pillow-like bolsters offer great hip and neck support and the plush flannel material provides a cozy sleep space. Plus, the cover zips off easily and is machine washable, making keeping it clean a breeze.

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Over 40% off!

PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Automatic Cat Litter Box
RRP:£178.19 | Now: £103.99 | Save: £74.20 (42%) (opens in new tab)
The PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box is an innovative, self-cleaning litter box that stays fresh and clean without scooping. The slow-moving conveyor system sifts the litter and carries waste to the covered bin while the replaceable carbon filter helps reduce odours. All you need is premium clumping litter and recycled plastic shopping bags for a quick, hygienic cleanup.

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Purina Gourmet Cat Food Perle Chef's Collection
RRP: £41.96 | Now: £29.40 | Save: £12.56 (30%) (opens in new tab)
If your kitty is a fan of Purina's wet dishes, then this heavily discounted 96-pouch pack is well worth purchasing. Featuring a range of turkey, chicken, duck and lamb meals, all encased in a delicious gravy, these 85g pouches are the perfect size to avoid wastage and are packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals your kitty needs to thrive.

When do the Cyber Monday Amazon pet deals start?

They’ve already started! Loads of Cyber Monday deals at Amazon are already live we expect to see many more being added over the coming days and weeks as we get closer to the massive Cyber Monday week that will be taking place from the 29th of November. 

As the new deals are released, we’ll be listing the best ones right here on this page, so bookmark it and keep checking back.

Cyber Monday deals around the web

PetsRadar is part of the Future PLC media group, a company with a proven track record of finding the best Cyber Monday deals across a huge range of retailers year after year. We’ll be bringing this experience to the pet supply market, finding the biggest discounts at the biggest retailers and passing these big savings onto our readers.

Take a look below for a list of retailers around the web who are also offering massive savings on pet supplies this Cyber Monday. The links will take you directly to their dedicated sales pages so you can get stuck into the bargains straight away. We’d recommend checking in on this page and others for the rest of the day and throughout tomorrow to ensure you don’t miss out on the best deals and offers. You can expect to find even more savings throughout the weekend in the run up to Cyber Monday on November 29th.