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Best Black Friday cat toy deals: keep your furry friends entertained for less!

Black Friday cat toy deals Cat playing with cat toys
(Image credit: Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash)

The many Black Friday cat toy deals available today are a great opportunity for you to keep your cat entertained without having to splash out loads of cash. Whether you are looking for discounts on plush toys, lasers, scratching posts, cat tunnels or activity centres, we've found a bargain for you! 

Below are our top picks of Black Friday cat toy deals from top pet retailers like Chewy, Entirely Pets, Amazon, Pets at Home and more.

Frisco Retro Lava Lamp Plush Cat Toy with Catnip, 3-count
| RRP: $7.48 | Now: $3.74. | Save: $3.74 (50% - discount applied at checkout) at Chewy
Cat your cat a retro lava lamp, with the added benefit that this clawable, and biteable toy is stuffed with catnip to keep their full attention. The feathery tails is great for cats to pounce on, and the crunchy crinkly paper stuffing will keep your cat amused for hours.View Deal

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy
| RRP: $24.99.64 | Now: $10.99. | Save: $14 (56%) at Chewy
Your kitty will never lose another ball under the couch with the Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy. With three exciting levels, this interactive toy encourages extended playtime as the colorful balls spin and roll around and around.View Deal

Cat Love Woodland Mouse Hunt Cat Toy
| RRP: $44.49 | Now: $25.02 | Save: $19.47 (44%) at Chewy
Feed your cat's hunting instinct without harming any real animals! The Cat Love Woodland Mouse Hunt Cat Toy features mice sneaking in and out of a tree stump to entice your furry friend’s natural instincts to pounce, hunt and bat.View Deal

Pets at Home Columbus Grand Climber Cat Activity Centre
| RRP: £126 | Now: £63 | Save: £63 (50%) Pets at Home
This Columbus Grand Climber Cat Activity Centre is the perfect addition to your home for your cats. It's split over multiple levels to give your cat more space and areas to roam. Not only can your cat scratch away at the posts and play with the soft ball toy but they can also settle down and rest after plenty of playing.View Deal

Willow's 3 Post Cat Scratcher
| RRP: £25 | Now: £12.50 | Save: £12.50 (50%) Pets at Home
This Willow's 3 Post Cat Scratcher is ideal for your furry friend to sink their claws into, while the attached rattle ball provides some added playtime fun. Cats love to scratch and they naturally scratch objects in their environment, it's important to them to scratch for claw maintenance and marking territory. Better this than your sofa!
View Deal

Willow's Linen Cat Tunnel Toy
|RRP: £14 | Now: £7 | Save: £7 (50%) at Pets at Home
The Willow's Linen Cat Tunnel is the purr-fect toy to keep your feline friend entertained, offering them hours of exercise and mental stimulation. Cats are bundles of energy and love to hunt in the dark or confined spaces, so give them a toy that allows them to act out these natural hunting instincts.View Deal

Willow's Giant Feather Cat Toy
| RRP: £6 | Now: £3 | Save: £3 (50%) Pets at Home

Save your phone cables and trailing clothes from destruction by using this giant feather cat toy from Willow to distract your cat away from them. Sometimes the simplest toys are the best, and we guarantee this large feather will entertain your cat for hours!View Deal

Animaze 6-Level Brown Cat Tree
|RRP: $149.99 | Now: $65 | Save: $84.99 (56%) at Petco
The Animaze 6-Level Cat Tree is a fun-filled place for your feline to scratch, climb, frolic and nap. Each level offers a comfortable place to hang out, while the floor and first landing features coconut rope-wrapped scratching posts for their clawing pleasure.View Deal

Petsport USA Laser Chase
|RRP: $7.99 | Now: $3.49 | Save: $4.50 (56%) at Entirely Pets
At the push of a button, watch your pet chase this red laser light wherever you point it. Laser Chase offers interactive play for cats, dogs, birds, lizards and even fish. Laser Chase is an interactive, versatile red laser beam that fits in the palm of your hand. Simply push the button and watch your pet go crazy in an attempt to capture the little red light.View Deal

Kitty City Cat Furniture Tunnel Cat Bed (Plaid)
|RRP: $42.99 | Now: $36.62 | Save: $6.37 (14%) at Walmart
This fun-packed station combines a soft-but-structured tunnel with entry and exit points for cats to dart in and out, a hanging toy to swat at, plus a cozy plush bed in the middle perfect for cat naps. It’s endless enjoyment whether your cat wants to burn some energy or laze the day away.View Deal

Premier Pet Automatic Multi-Laser Cat Toy
|RRP: $7.99 | Now: $5.52 | Save: $2.47 (30%) at Walmart
The Premier Pet Automatic Multi Laser Cat Toy keeps your cat active and entertained with two fun and interactive lasers to chase. After 15 minutes of playtime, the toy will automatically shut off to let your cat rest, and it can be turned back on at any time.View Deal

Interactive Cat Scratching Post
|RRP: $59.99 | Now: $28.18 | Save:  $31.81 (53%) at Walmart
This interactive cat tree features a carpeted base, a sisal fabric scratching post, a dangling mouse toy and a rolling ball track that gives your cat the thrill of the hunt while indoors. This all-in-one cat scratcher and play area deters your pet from using your furniture to sharpen and trim their nails.View Deal

Black Friday deals around the web

The links below will get you straight to the Black Friday deal pages of pet retailer's offering cyber weekend bargains. There are already hundreds of discounts available, and you can expect to see many more throughout Black Friday and on to Cyber Monday, so it's worth bookmarking them so you can check in regularly.

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