Pip the painting hamster is inspiring pet owners to take up art with their furry friend

Pip the painting hamster is inspiring pet owners to take up art with their furry friend
(Image credit: Biniecki Branded / Twitter)

He may not quite be the next Picasso, but Pip the painting hamster has been inspiring pet owners to pick up a brush and take to the canvas.

The adorable little critter and enterprising owner Kaylie Biniecki first started their own art business, BinieckiBranded, on Etsy in late 2020.

The creative hammy's first masterpiece was a Halloween-themed piece painted on a black canvas featuring spooky florescent colors, as posted as a video to TikTok. 


Pips feeling spooky with this one! ✨link in bio✨ ALL PAINT IS 100% NON TOXIC AND HE IS SUPERVISED ##ProblemSolved ##fyp ##animals ##smallbusinesscheck

♬ Monster Mash - Bobby Pickett

Showing the full creative process, Pip can be seen running through blobs of non-toxic, pet friendly paint and onto the canvas that creates a unique piece of art each time. His work is then signed and listed on the shop for his fans to buy.

Since his first sale, the sky has been the limit with the creative critter going on to create custom orders, creating art using different color schemes and even offering his loyal followers the chance to enjoy a mystery painting or tip the artist, if you'd like. 

You can of course simply explore the range of mini canvases to create your own hamster art gallery at home and buyers just can't enough.

"I bought a painting after seeing Pip’s work on TikTok and I’m so thrilled to display it in my apartment this summer!" wrote one happy customer. 

"It brought me such joy to know Pip made my painting with his little feet. The package included a personalized note with some candy which were a nice surprise. Bring yourself some happiness and order yourself a Pip painting :)"

Other followers have chosen to follow the artist's lead and create hamster art with their own furry friend at home.

TikTok user @verysensitivegirlie posted her hamster drawing inspiration from Pip to create their very own masterpiece. 

Rather than using the blob and walk technique, however, this savvy hamster uses his own methods. 


inspired by @pipspaintings 💘 ##petpainting ##hamster

♬ Go Down on You - The Memories

As demonstrated by the creative duo, you can also make your very own pet painting by applying the non-toxic paint to the canvas yourself in any pattern you like, then pop it into a transparent zip-up bag. 

Then, have your furkid trot across and you've got yourself a keepsake or your first art masterpiece to set up your very own hamster art shop.

Of course, once the hard work is done, be sure to let your little artists rest and enjoy a spot of downtime with their favorite hamster toys

Feeling inspired? You can check out Pip the painting hamster on TikTok at @pipspaintings, or visit their shop over on Etsy and Instagram.  

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