Watch: Pit Bull’s heartwarming reaction to seeing sister's ashes will have you in tears

Eli the Pit Bull lying next to his sisters ashes
(Image credit: TikTok / @pittymomtoeli)

You’ll definitely want the tissues handy for this one because watching this viral video of a Pit Bull lovingly nudging his sister's ashes is bound to leave you in tears. 

Amassing more than 200,000 views since it was posted just over a week ago, the 30 second clip shows Eli the Pit Bull lying next to a table that contains a photo of his sister Aubrey, alongside her ashes. 

Captioned with the words “when your baby boy misses his sister so lays by her ashes and picture,” the heartwarming footage is proof that dogs grieve the loss of those they love in much the same way that we humans do.


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Receiving more than 1300 comments from netizens around the world, it’s clear that people have been deeply touched by Eli’s behavior, with one user writing “That is absolutely heartbreaking. I truly believe animals feel emotions, happiness, joy, pain….”

Another TikToker added their two cents, saying that “a 50 year old man should not be tearing up this much sitting on the toilet at work and yet here I am,” a comment that drew both laughs about where the man was watching the video from and agreement from other men who were tearing up as well.

But not everyone was moved by the clip, with one user saying “Please take him to your local shelter for a new friend. Why make him suffer?” 

Thankfully, Eli’s mom was quick to respond with some words of reassurance for this worried netizen.

“If you look at my other videos he has a new sister that looks like Aubrey actually. This video was 2 years old and finally decided to share. :),” she explains.

In another video, Aubrey's mom shares the memorial necklace she had made that contains some of her beloved canine companion's ashes.


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Captioned with the words "lost my Aubrey so made an ashes memorial piece so she is always with me," the clip has received more than 1800 views. 

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