This chihuahua's Halloween costume is both cute and spooky

It's not even October yet, but one chihuahua has been ready for Halloween since this summer. 

Gizmo the chihuahua is an adorable dog, but once he puts on this scary Chucky costume, things get a bit spooky. His owner, Jahnalee, made a hilariously scary video of Gizmo/Chucky running around with his Chucky costume on, which comes with it's own fake knife, scary red hair, and creepy overalls. 

The best part of the costume is that it's one of those genius dog Halloween costumes where the dog's front legs are put into pants and shoes, so that from the front the dog looks like it's standing upright, and in this case is a terrifying killer doll. There's a ton of great Halloween costumes that utilize this optical illusion, including one that looks like a T-Rex and another that looks like a USPS worker.

There's a few versions of this dog-friendly Chucky costume – last year a French Bulldog named Romeo went viral after video of him in his Chucky outfit hit the internet. If your pup is looking to be frighteningly adorable this Halloween, Romeo's costume is from California Costumes, and you can find it at Target right here.

There's something so cute about being creepy when it comes to dogs in Halloween costumes.

Should you buy a Halloween costume for your pet?