Three trainer-approved things you can do this bonfire night to keep your dog safe

Dog lying in bed next to window cuddling toy as fireworks go off outside
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Disclaimer: Unless specifically stated, any expert comments quoted in this news piece have been taken directly from the Instagram post cited below.

With bonfire night just a few days ago, understanding some of the ways to calm your dog during fireworks and keep them safe, is essential. 

While some dogs are completely unperturbed by loud noises, others can find this time of year to be particularly stressful.

Thankfully, expert dog trainer and behaviorist Amelia Steele has put together a useful Instagram video where she shares three simple things you can do this bonfire night to ensure your pup feels relaxed and secure.

Read on to find out what they are...

1. Walk your dog earlier in the day: Steele says this is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your pup stays safe when those big bangs start to go off.  

"Remember, fireworks can sometimes start to go off even before it's dark, so it's always better to walk your dog as early as possible. Once it does get dark, keep your dog inside and try to avoid bathroom breaks."

2. Create a calming atmosphere: "I recommend keeping your blinds and curtains closed to really minimize any noise or flashes of light from outside," says Steele. "It can also be helpful to play calming music or leave the TV running to help drown out the noise."

3. Provide comfort: "If your dog does become stressed out by the fireworks, remember it's perfectly okay to comfort them," reassures Steele. 

If fireworks are a major source of anxiety for your dog, it's also worth consulting your vet to see if a natural remedy, like valerian, may prove helpful in stimulating a calming response. 

Alternatively, check out this guide to the longest lasting dog chews for some tasty treats to soothe your pup and help keep them occupied on bonfire night. 

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