Toby the honking cat goes viral for his adorably happy sounds

toby the honking cat
(Image credit: TikTok / @alice.isabellaa)

As Toby the honking cat shows in this video, there are few things more adorable than a happy cat. 

This is especially poignant when you consider the circumstances that Toby grew up in. According to Alice Isabella, his owner who has posted a couple of videos of Toby to TikTok: “Our rescue boy couldn’t look at us when we got him."

In a caption to the first video, which shows Toby happily chirping away to show his appreciation, she wrote: "He finally lets daddy give him kisses and look how happy he is.” 


♬ original sound - Alice Isabella

Many TikTokers were immediately enamoured with the feline's adorable smile, with a few quick to pick up on a few of Toby's dental issues. 

"That happened about 2 years ago when he was in Egypt, he’s seen numerous vets since! We’re going to go back as people have said his gums are a bit red," Isabella confirmed in a second video, which sees Toby in just as happy a place.

“Toby’s in a bit of shock from all your lovely comments. He’ll have more to say soon, but have a ‘honk’ for now. He’s settling down for his big birthday tomorrow!” the caption reads. 


♬ original sound - Alice Isabella

With the first video having racked up an astonishing 4.9 million views at the time of writing (in part thanks to this post on Reddit), it’s fair to say that Toby has been a big hit with viewers, with the comments paying testament to this.

 “There’s nothing more pure and beautiful than animal’s trust” says one commenter, with another one simply saying, “The little happy honks”.  

The comments in the second video are similarly effusive in their admiration for Toby: “What an adorable baby!! Ahh wanna hug him” wrote one TikToker, with someone else saying, “MORE OF TOBY PLEASE”. 

The Reddit post attracts a similar level of praise, albeit with one piece of slight criticism: “Super sweet, but way too short. I need this video to be at least two hours long.”

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