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Week two of Nutritious November is here!

Nutritious November
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It’s Nutritious November on PetsRadar, and our month-long focus on pet diet continues apace with another seven days of advice, reviews and expert features themed around good health, good diet and good food for your animal companions.

Week two commences with a deep dive into the top five cat nutrition myths and misconceptions written by one of our in-house veterinarians. So if you want to find out which commonly held opinions on feline diet are true or false you can get some valuable advice from an animal healthcare expert right here. 

Visit tomorrow and you’ll be able to get more expert advice from the PetsRadar veterinary team as we instruct dog owners on the important question of which dog food is best to give their dog. There’ll be more to come later in the week including tips on further improving your cat’s diet and a roundup of the best cat food puzzle toys.

If you’ve got any questions you’d like to ask about pet diet and nutrition, be sure to get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter.