Adorable rescue Pit Bull thinks she's a cat after growing up with feline siblings

Pit Bull thinks she's a cat
(Image credit: Instagram / @bluepittiewillie)

Meet Willow, a rescued Pit Bull who thinks she's a cat! Rescued in January 2020 at about nine weeks old by Socorro Jaramillo, who already had two cats and a chihuahua, her owner quickly noticed how much Willow wanted to copy everything Percy, her younger cat, did. 

While the adorable Pitty is often seen across her social media profiles snuggling up beside the cats and even partaking in a spot of kitten-sitting, there's nothing Willow loves more than climbing up the cat tree to join her feline siblings- even though she's most definitely a lot bigger! 

Even though Jaramillo was wary at first, and had to help Willow get down from such great heights, Willow's cat-like behavior has become a core part of her personality - and daily exercise routine. 

Now, Willow jumps up on the windowsills and cat trees with ease so that she can get a bird's eye view just like her two cat siblings.

Willow's feline escapades have gotten her a ton of attention on TikTok, as well. Her account has over 2.2m likes and well over 20,000 followers. 

Willow became social media famous after a TikTok of her went viral this past summer (as of the time of publication, it's got over 2.1 million likes). "You're a 60lb pitbull raised by two cats and a chihuahua," the caption reads. 

The video shows Willow perching on the windowsill, on the back of the couch, and on the cat tree, seemingly oblivious to how big she is in comparison to her siblings.


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Willow is a great example of how much joy a rescue dog can bring to your home - and how great Pit Bulls are as pets.

"I consider her to be a giant baby," Jaramillo said. "She follows us everywhere we go in the house and almost always has to be laying on us. She loves humans with her entire being and has a constant wiggle butt whenever she meets a new person."

You can follow Willow's escapades on TikTok and Instagram.