Staffy gives hilarious Oscar worthy performance after realizing he’s being filmed

Einstein the Staffy
(Image credit: @einsteinthestaff/TikTok)

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Einstein has TikTokers in stitches after a clip showing him working his sad eyes for the camera went viral.

The footage, posted last week under his mom’s account @einsteinthestaff, has already racked up more than 10 million views, with netizens highly amused by his performance.

Looking like butter wouldn’t melt, a demure Einstein can be seen looking sorrowfully into the camera before sitting in his open crate where he gives the impression he’s been imprisoned.


♬ Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler

Captioned with the words “He deserves an Oscar for best dog cam performance of the year, looking straight in the camera like “u guys still shooting right?,” the comments have been flooding in by their thousands.

“He looks so freakin' sad,” wrote one TikToker, to which Einstein’s mom replied, “Oh yes he is a great actor he’s got toys and a chewing bone but he’ll rather put on a show for the cam then play and have a good time.”

Referred to as a ‘true drama queen’ by his mom, netizens haven’t been able to get over his theatrics for the camera with one saying “I'm sorry but the way he looks directly in the camera cracks me up,” and another adding “Oh my goddd my dog does this, the dramatics being forced to lay on such a cold hard floor (when there are blankets available).”

It’s not the first time Einstein has played up to the camera, with a similar clip of him looking forlorn being shared back in September. 

Set to the hit Celine Dion song ‘All By Myself”, the pup can be seen sitting on the other side of a closed door with the caption “when my hoomans forget me at home.”


♬ All By Myself - Céline Dion

And perhaps our favorite Einstein moment of all saw the dog who thinks he’s a human pulling up a seat at the dinner table in front of his mom’s glass of wine.

There’s no doubt about it, this is one canine companion who knows how to work the camera and we reckon he’ll be first in line for a doggy Oscar when the Academy starts dishing them out. 

Kathryn Williams
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