Woman finds out puppy she thought was euthanized is still alive and up for adoption

Beagle puppy
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One of the most heartbreaking things pet parents sometimes have to do is euthanize their beloved animals. 

Unfortunately, however, it’s sometimes felt that it’s the most compassionate thing to do if the animal has little quality of life remaining, and just can’t enjoy the best dog toys and treats like they might have been able to before. 

And returning a rescue dog is something else we hope we’ll never have to do. One dog parent did both, making the decision to surrender her rescue pup for euthanasia, and was shocked to find him alive and well almost a year later. 

Kristie Pereira, 32, adopted Beau, a two-month-old hound mix, from the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation in Maryland for $450 toward the end of 2022, and he quickly became a beloved companion, particularly as Pereira works from home.

Unfortunately, however, Beau began to experience health issues that were thought to be related to either a neurological or a liver condition, so a vet gave Pereira liver enzymes. But as Beau got worse, and Pereira believed his condition to be untreatable, she made the decision to surrender him for euthanasia. At the time, he was unable to lift his hind legs or control his bowels.

Pereira says that she was offered further tests on Beau, but was quoted as much as $12,000. So, when she was told there was only a slim chance of the tests finding the issue, and an even smaller chance of it being fixable, euthanasia was mentioned. 

Beagle puppy

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But remarkably, a year later, Pereira, who had since left Maryland, found that Beau was alive and up for adoption from the same organization. She wants him back, telling the Associated Press, “I have a lot of questions, but first and foremost, I want him back with me.”

As it turned out, veterinarians at the rescue found that a liver condition was the cause of Beau’s issues. He underwent surgery, and is seemingly now healthy. 

Pereira got in touch with the rescue to see if she could get Beau back, even offering to reimburse them for the surgery costs, but her request was declined. A spokesperson explained that the rescue has a policy not to rehome animals to pet parents who previously surrendered them.

Meanwhile, Montgomery County Animal Services, which originally accepted the surrender, have stated that they are contractually obligated to follow the policies of the rescue. Currently, Beau remains available for adoption. 

For Periera’s part, she claims that employees at the rescue gave her “support and encouragement” and told her that “sometimes [euthanasia is] the best thing to do.” And, she was reportedly told that she couldn’t be with Beau when it happened. 

We hope your dogs will all live long, healthy, and happy lives, but if you have any concerns — like Pereira’s — it’s best to get in touch with your vet as soon as you can. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

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